Adding TrueType fonts to CentOS 4

I use Xfce on all my Linux boxes (Fedora Core and CentOS). To add new TrueType fonts on an Xft-based CentOS 4 system, I did the following:

  1. Create a windows subdir beneath /usr/share/fonts.
  2. Install the *.ttf files into /usr/share/fonts/windows.
  3. As root: fc-cache /usr/share/fonts.
  4. Re-start applications which need the new TrueType fonts.

Orange and Yellow

We’ve figured out the difference between orange and yellow. This morning after breakfast I gave Alice one of her little washcloths. She was busily washing her hands, her face, the table, her knees.

Once she was done washing she placed the cloth on the table and pointed at the little spots of colour.

“Orange. Yellow. Purple.”

This is the first time we’ve seen her distinguish between orange and yellow. Orange used to be yellow, but that was when Alice was just a little girl. She’s older and wiser now.

Cheque Please

This evening Corinna, Alice, and I went for supper at Silver Inn (home of the best ginger beef on the planet).

Normally, Alice will not eat rice unless it’s in rice pudding. Tonight she was interested in the special fried rice. Corinna gave her the entire platter, along with the big serving spoon.

Much to our surprise, Alice began to gobble up the rice. It was pretty funny to watch — a little girl and her big platter of fried rice.

When everyone was finished (“Mommy done, Daddy done, Ali done.”), Alice said, “The bill?”

Our girl seems to be paying attention when we’re in restaurants.

Ali Done; Two, Eight, Nine

Alice has begun to announce when each of us is finished eating.

“Mommy done.”

“Daddy done.”

“Ali done.”

She’s not really able to say her full name — the C is silent at the moment. But it’s pretty darned adorable.

Alice has also started to demonstrate her counting skills.

We point at her Ocean Wonders and ask, “How many fish are in there?”

“Two, eight, nine.”

These are the numbers that seem to have ‘stuck’ in her mind. She always counts, “two, eight, nine.”