Going Potty

2006-09-06 One-minute read

A few days ago Corinna brought out Alice’s potty and put it on the toilet in the bathroom. She explained what it was and had Alice sit on it briefly. Tonight just before bed Alice wanted to go sit on the potty again. I didn’t think anything of it, since she’s done it a couple times already. We took off her diaper and sat her down on the throne. Wouldn’t you know it, she actually used the potty. I guess we’re now potty training in earnest. Our little girl is growing up so fast! We’ve all come down with a nasty cold – sinus congestion and cough. Alice woke up this morning with a bad cough, and Corinna and I weren’t doing great either. We all stayed home and sniffled and coughed and drank orange juice. Alice has been really good about taking her medicine. Corinna and I less so, mostly because we’re taking Buckley’s. Toddlers get to have bubble-gum flavouring. We get toxic sludge…. Alice and I are staying home again tomorrow, unless we’re miraculously cured over night.