A Man and a Lady

Alice likes to identify things when she’s in the car; she’ll say, “look, cars!”, and identify the puppies, trees, grass, etc. Today we were at the drive-thru ATM (Mommy goes there often), and Alice saw 2 people walking by; Alice said, “look, Mommy a man and a lady!”. I looked over at the people she was looking at and saw it was a couple of scary looking teenage boys- one had long hair. We can’t fault Alice for thinking he was a girl, can we? Maybe if he knew, he might get a hair cut…

Counting to Nine…

Yesterday Alice was playing with Auntie Chrissy and Mommy while I was washing dishes. At one point Alice said to them “2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.”

Twinkle Little Star

This morning I was driving Alice to the dayhome. We were only two blocks from home when she started to ask for her ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ book.

It was so cute I simply had to turn the Slotcar around and go back home.

Once she had her book we drove to the dayhome without any further delays. Alice sang, “Twinkle Star” for much of the trip.

Qmail Black Hole — Part II

My previous attempt at sending mail to /dev/null was not successful. The following actually works for me.

I created a new spameater account and have the extension address sent there. In /etc/qmail/users/assign:


Once this was in place I ran ‘qmail-newu’. So far, so good.

The next step was to create a black hole .qmail file in /home/spameater:

# Throw messages away undelivered

To test this I did the following as a regular user:

mail -s "Qmail Black Hole" me-extension@domain.com < /dev/null

I reviewed /var/log/maillog and saw that the message was successfully 'delivered'. I also confirmed that spameater's Maildir tree contained no messages. So far, this solution looks acceptable.


For some time now, one of Alice’s favourite foods has been blueberries.


For breakfast she often has frozen blueberries (microwaved for 30s) with her Cheerios and milk. She mostly eats the blueberries and the milk.

Corinna makes a smoothy in the morning with frozen blueberries, orange juice, banana and Balkan yogurt. Alice gets half a glass of this and drinks it with a straw (“dwaw”).

When you’re two, it’s kind of hard to say blueberries. Alice calls them “blueies.”

These blueies were fresh, not frozen. Alice had a pile of them for dessert tonight. Once she was asleep, I broke out my strobe, tripod, and a piece of white foamcore. These were shot with my shoot-through umbrella, at full power; the foamcore was used for bounce.

Kind of makes you want blueies, doesn’t it?

Qmail Black Hole

I have some qmail aliases which no longer receive useful information — just spam. To send them to a black hole, I merely created a /etc/qmail/alias/.qmail-devnull file which contains:

| cat /dev/null

Next I added a new alias for the extension email address. For example, suppose ‘me-blah@domain.ca’ is the address we wish to black hole. In /etc/qmail/users/assign I add:


UID and GID correspond to the ids for user ‘me’. Once I executed ‘qmail-newu’ as root all subsequent email to me-blah@domain.ca went to the bit bucket.

UPDATE:This didn’t actually work….

Nana, play blocks! Papa, play blocks!

Nana Phyllis and Papa George headed back home yesterday after a good but brief visit. Alice sure enjoyed seeing them again. Within minutes of their arrival she was comfortable with them.

Nana and Papa brought the rest of Alice’s birthday presents with them. One of the gifts was a 100-piece set of wooden blocks of assorted shapes and colors (red, green, yellow and blue). These blocks were an enormous hit!

Alice preferred playing with her blocks over all other activities — even watching her movies. We suspected she plays with blocks at the dayhome.

“Alice, do you play with blocks at Donna’s?”

“Uhh yep.”

Ahh, that explains why she’s so good at making towers. Her favourite activity: make a tower of blocks and then knock it over. When the blocks fall down everyone has to clap, then build the tower again.

“Cwap. Cwap. Again.”

For the rest of the visit Alice was often heard to say, “Nana, pway bwocks! Papa, pway bwocks!”