For some time now, one of Alice’s favourite foods has been blueberries.


For breakfast she often has frozen blueberries (microwaved for 30s) with her Cheerios and milk. She mostly eats the blueberries and the milk.

Corinna makes a smoothy in the morning with frozen blueberries, orange juice, banana and Balkan yogurt. Alice gets half a glass of this and drinks it with a straw (“dwaw”).

When you’re two, it’s kind of hard to say blueberries. Alice calls them “blueies.”

These blueies were fresh, not frozen. Alice had a pile of them for dessert tonight. Once she was asleep, I broke out my strobe, tripod, and a piece of white foamcore. These were shot with my shoot-through umbrella, at full power; the foamcore was used for bounce.

Kind of makes you want blueies, doesn’t it?

Qmail Black Hole

I have some qmail aliases which no longer receive useful information — just spam. To send them to a black hole, I merely created a /etc/qmail/alias/.qmail-devnull file which contains:

| cat /dev/null

Next I added a new alias for the extension email address. For example, suppose ‘’ is the address we wish to black hole. In /etc/qmail/users/assign I add:


UID and GID correspond to the ids for user ‘me’. Once I executed ‘qmail-newu’ as root all subsequent email to went to the bit bucket.

UPDATE:This didn’t actually work….