Nana, play blocks! Papa, play blocks!

2006-10-11 One-minute read

Nana Phyllis and Papa George headed back home yesterday after a good but brief visit. Alice sure enjoyed seeing them again. Within minutes of their arrival she was comfortable with them. Nana and Papa brought the rest of Alice’s birthday presents with them. One of the gifts was a 100-piece set of wooden blocks of assorted shapes and colors (red, green, yellow and blue). These blocks were an enormous hit! Alice preferred playing with her blocks over all other activities – even watching her movies. We suspected she plays with blocks at the dayhome. “Alice, do you play with blocks at Donna’s?” “Uhh yep.” Ahh, that explains why she’s so good at making towers. Her favourite activity: make a tower of blocks and then knock it over. When the blocks fall down everyone has to clap, then build the tower again. “Cwap. Cwap. Again.” For the rest of the visit Alice was often heard to say, “Nana, pway bwocks! Papa, pway bwocks!”