Giving Away Alice's Soothers

2006-11-15 One-minute read

We are working on getting Alice to give up her soothers. We’ve been telling her for a few days now that we need to give her soothers to babies that don’t have any. This seems to resonate with her (at least while she still has some soothers of her own). Last night was the first night Alice had to give away a soother. I found a box to put the soother in for the recipient. Corinna and I told Alice she had to pick a soother to give away. She choose her blue soother, long one of her favourites. Blue Soother Alice didn’t seem to mind this exercise, though I’m not sure she fully understood the implications. At any rate, she was rewarded for her generosity with a cupcake from Crave. Enjoying a Crave cupcake Alice slept with only one soother last night – she usually has two. She’s like her Daddy: backups are important. But she made it through the night without needing a second soother, so this is promising. There are only three soothers remaining. Alice has to give one away each day until they are gone, so Friday night will be the real test.