No More Dooers! Alice's Guys Return

2006-11-18 2-minute read

This morning when Alice woke up we asked her to give away her last soother. She did so very willingly, just as she has all week. The Last Soother Tonight when we were getting Alice ready for bed, she asked for her soother. We reminded her that she had given all of them away. She was very upset, and cuddled with mommy. We distracted her with a story, and with her ‘guys’. Who are her guys? A few weeks ago mommy bought Alice a Backyardigans pirate ship, complete with two pirates (Uniqua and Pablo). The two pirates went missing within a couple days, and had not been seen since. Mommy and I have done multiple exhaustive searches to no avail. Alice often talks about her ‘guys’ – that’s what she calls the two pirates. She’ll wake up from a nap and we’ll ask her if she had sweet dreams. “Yup.” “What did you dream about?” “My guys.” How precious is that? We’ve been telling Alice that her guys must be away on an adventure. Given this weeks events, we decided to find replacment pirates. These new guys appeared on Alice’s dresser this evening, much to her delight. We told Alice that she could sleep with her guys tonight, and they could tell her all about their adventure. This seemed to make her very happy. We read her a few stories and then put her to bed. She didn’t ask for her soothers – why would she when she had her guys? So far, she’s been very quiet. We expected her to be very upset, but she seems to be adjusting very well to not having any dooers. She’s been asleep for a couple hours now. Hopefully she’ll sleep until her usual 7:30AM.