Trick or Treat

2006-11-04 One-minute read

Alice was a gypsy for halloween; we’ve been preparing her for October 31st for awhile, and taught her to say “trick or treat”. On halloween, we went to Auntie Tammy’s house for a party. Auntie Chrissy, Uncle Norm and Cassie came too; and Nana Barb and Papa Doug. We decorated pumpkin sugar cookies with orange icing and black sprinkles. Luckily no black got onto any faces or clothing… ( ha ha). Once Uncle Steve got home from work, all the kids went out trick or treating; it was cute to see all the kids out together (Jack, Connor, Ryan, Alice & Cassie); we only went to a few houses as it was quite cold out. We came back to Aunties and had supper, then came home to see daddy. I think we have enough treats from Auntie Tammy and Nana to last us until next halloween….it was sure fun.