Auntie 'Rene Coming

2007-03-21 2-minute read

Helping mommy make cupcakes First, an unrelated but very cute photo of Alice helping Mommy make cupcakes. If you don’t taste the ingredients, how will you know they’ll have the desired flavours? As most of you know, Corinna and I are headed to The Wickanninish Inn, near Tofino on Vancouver Island. We were there three years ago in April, when we were expecting Alice. This is a vacation for two. Alice is staying at home, and her Great Aunt Irene (‘Rene) is coming to stay with her. Alice has been very excited about Auntie ‘Rene coming to stay with her. Yesterday she announced that she wanted ‘Rene to come, “right now.” On the weekend, Grandma Barb is going to come over too – then the party will really get started! We’ve done our best to make ‘Rene’s stay more comfortable. The housework is all done, Chase is going to the kennel (he’s not a very good host), and Personal Thyme has created a complete menu for ‘Rene and Alice. We’re going on this vacation with mixed feelings. We know we deserve this break, and we know it’s something our parents never had the opportunity to do. We will miss Alice terribly, but know that she’ll have an absolute blast with Auntie ‘Rene and Grandma Barb. We’ve tried to make this a fun vacation for Alice too.