New things Alice has done since returning home

2007-03-29 One-minute read

Nana called last night to ask if we’ve noticed Alice doing or saying anything new since returning from Tofino. I told her no, not really. But wouldn’t you know it, right after getting off the phone Alice started doing this rocket thing I’ve never seen her do. She would say “1, 2 3 go rocket!”, and then run into another room; say the same thing and run back into my arms. How adorable is that? Today in the car, she also said: “My Auntie Rene a good lady”. She also said: “Mommy, I have a question for you. We can go to the park later” At A&W, she held a piece of toast out and said, repeatedly, “round and round, in the tunnel!”, and she made the motions around and around, before putting the toast in her mouth. I’m sure we can expect more new sayings and behaviors to come… oh that nana and auntie!