Wickanninish Day 3

2007-03-31 2-minute read

We had breakfast in our room on Saturday- a rushed affair in order to make it for the guided nature walk. We met a group of about 20 in the Driftwood Coffee Lounge to head out onto the beach to start the walk. It was interesting to learn about such things as bull kelp and buried cars on the beach… After the walk we of course went back to So Bo’s for lunch- this time we were more daring, after having potlatch for dinner the night before, I decided that I was more adventurous in my seafood palate; I had SoBo’s clam chowder and another killer fish taco, Don had deep fried oysters and a taco. At 3pm we went to Jamie’s Whaling station to sign up for our Zodiak ride I’ve been dying to go on; the skipper told us the ocean was too rough that day to make a trip on the Zodiak, so we signed up instead for the 35 foot boat instead, along with 8 others. Of course I was disappointed, but once we got out onto open waters I quickly realized how much fun this would be. The skipper offered the front seats to anyone who wanted the bumpiest ride– which was me, of course. It was a covered boat, but given the rain and wind this was a good thing; we could open the windows if we wanted, which I did much of the time. The butterflies in my stomach soon turned to not-so-great feelings of woozy and I hope no one can see how green I must look…. but there were other passengers literally in the same boat– out on the back hanging over the edge. The skipper told us that Randy Bachman was on the boat the day before and puked; was this information supposed to make me feel better? Yet again we ate at the Pointe Restaurant for dinner; I had: Tofino Dungeness Crab Salad Lime Dressed Mango, Coconut & Vegetable Pakora And

  • “Nanoose Edibles” Organic Greens Roasted Beets, Sherry Vinaigrette

For my main course- I could only handle a salad, as I think I was so full of eating the last couple days, it is not normally how I eat, or anyone for that matter. This way I had room for dessert! All the food was fabulous, of course.