I bought a new car!

Well, I’ve been wanting a Honda Element for a couple years now, and today I finally bought one. It’s a Black 2006 4 Wheel Drive, Manual Transmission EX Model Honda Element. It’s basically like new, only 16,000 km, but about $7000 cheaper than buying a 2007. So am I happy? YES!!!!!

We took it for a test drive, with Alice in the back in Daddy’s car seat. She announced that she liked the car, so thus it was a done deal.

Happy Driving!

MINI Challenge

Last weekend Don and I took the MINI challenge- a road course event at Race City Speedway put on by MINI/BMW. It was for customers who just bought MINI’s to test out the new MINI alongside their competitors. There was a VW GTI, VW Rabbit, Audi A3, and a Mazda 3 alongside the MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S and even a MINI Cooper S Automatic, which was built just for the challenge. I got to drive the MINI Cooper S Auto, the only one of it’s kind in Canada!

There were about 30 guests, teamed up in pairs to test drive all the cars. The driving instructors took all of us out on the track to explain the different sections of the course before we were allowed out on our own; there were walkie talkies in each car, so that if they had to give you any instructions (or to tell you to stop driving like Mario Andretti!) you could hear. We all lined up to take our turn driving the cars; I drove 4 and Don drove 5. At first I didn’t think I’d want to drive any, but after a couple times on the course I decided it was my turn…I loved driving around stragegically placed pylons at 55 km/hr (trying not to run any of them over- hard to do in the VW’s), the brake and avoid exercise, and my ultimate favorite, the hard right turn at 15 km/hr immediately followed by what I call the “gun it and slam on your brakes”- we had to accelerate up to 80 km/hr and when the sign said “brake”, you had to slam on your brakes as hard as you could to stop before running into the barricade. This exercise was to test out the ABS, which I can say worked very well…each time my stomach lifted into my throat, but I loved it!

It was fun to drive cars and test their limits, something that normally none of us do. I learned that I could handle a vehicle in sudden situation with more confidence that I would have before the challenge. I also learned that the MINI is a mighty fine car and I’m sure glad that we own one!

Big-Girl Bed

Last night Alice slept in her big-girl bed for the first time. I disassembled her crib and we put her crib mattress on her bedroom floor, along with a few of her friends.

Big Girl Bed

We have a child-proof doorknob on the inside of Alice’s door. We’ll remove that once we’re sure Alice is going to consistently stay in bed when it’s time to sleep.

When I went into Alice’s room this morning, Alice had a couple books in her bed. She said to me, “I’m going to read these books in a few minutes.”

You Like Coffee, Daddy?

When I arrived at Donna’s to pick up Alice, she and Logan were playing outside in the backyard. Two little backyardigans running around.

As soon as Alice saw me she came running. I scooped her up and she give me a great big hug.

Donna and I visited for a little while. I asked Alice if she had a good day. Silence. Did she have a little rest (i.e. a nap)? Silence. Alice didn’t say a word, she just cuddled in my arms, drinking her water, perfectly content.

“She’ll probably talk your ear off once you get in the car.”

Once I had Alice buckled into her car seat…..

“Daddy, you don’t have any chocolate milk in your car.”

Corinna usually gives Alice a small chocolate milk on the way home from Donna’s.

“I didn’t have time to stop at the store and buy one for you, sweetheart.”

“I didn’t have time to buy chocolate milk either, Daddy.”

“Should we go to Safeway and buy some chocolate milk?”


At Safeway Alice helped me carry the chocolate milk. She even gave the cashier the money — what a good little helper. We then went to Starbuck’s and I bought myself a coffee. Alice didn’t mind the wait, since she had a chocolate milk by then.

Once we were home Alice said, “You like coffee, Daddy?”

“Yes I do.”

“When I get older, when I get bigger like you, maybe I’ll like coffee too.”

More problems with our Amana Fridge from Trail Appliances

Once again our Amana fridge has frozen its cooling coils and warmed up to room temperature. We’ve had to throw out most of the contents of the fridge. Fun eh?

We’ve already called Trail, they had us call the warranty company. The warranty company gave us a claim number, so we called Trail back. Now we wait.

We were expecting them to call this morning, but they hadn’t by 8:45. I called Trail, spoke with someone in the Service department. She told me the tech. would call between 8:00 and 9:30.

At 9:30 I called Trail again, but this time was stuck on hold for 15 minutes. I finally left a message, then drove to Trail since it’s on my way to work. I do have a day job….

At Trail’s Customer Service counter I spoke with Debbie. She looked up our call, then told me that they’d just received the warranty claim information. The tech. is to call us tomorrow morning to make an appointment.

I asked Debbie what I’m supposed to do with all our food. She said, “Sorry, our techs can only do 12 calls per day and this tech. is already over-booked for today.”

My Movie is Icing

Yesterday morning, Corinna and Alice returned some rented movies. There was a shelf of children’s movies that were only $1 to rent, so Alice was allowed to pick one to take to Donna’s.

The movie was apparently badly scratched, and wouldn’t play very well.

When Corinna picked her up at the end of the day Alice said, “Mommy, my movie is icing.” I guess Donna told her the movie was ‘freezing.’

Icing. Freezing. It’s all the same.

“I know my name is….”

Alice learned her last name while we were away; Auntie Rene taught Alice that her name is Alice Murray, mommy is Corrie Murray, and daddy is Don Murray. It is very cute to hear her say this, and we think she is so grown up!

Alice also likes to sing about her name; she throws her head back, and sings, loudly, ” I know my name is Alice”; sometimes there is an alternate name, Joe. We think she got this song from Blue’s Clue’s. Is that show sticky or what!

Wickanninish Day 4

On Sunday, we again had breakfast in our room; I ordered the pancetta and asparagus hash, Don had his usual Pointe Breakfast. Since we didn’t have time to go to SoBo’s today, we decided to yet again put on our rubber boots and go for a walk.

I had my spa at 1pm. I was scheduled for a Sacred Sea treatment and a Hot Stone Facial. I thought it would be fun to have lunch there (and since we haden’t yet had the time nor appetite to go to the restaurant for lunch) between my treatments. So while I was having my foot soak in the copper pot with marbels out on the rocky beach, my esthetician brought me a lunch menu. I ordered:
Lemon Grilled Albacore Tuna
Warm Potato, Fine Beans & Olives
Red Pepper Vinaigrette

After my sacred sea, I was brought out to the same chair, and by now it was hot and sunny- they brought out a basket of sunglasses for me to choose a pair (how cool is that?), and then a server came down from the restaurant and brought my tray of lunch. I think that was the most fun I’ve ever had!

After my facial I walked back to the room in my robe (this is common practice, and no one looks at you funny for walking outside in a spa robe; if anything, they are jealous!). Don had been out taking photos at Schooner’s Cove, a near by rainforest trail. We got processed to go for dinner, our last night at the Inn.

Tonight we had the chef’s tasting paired with wine. The first course was a salmon consumme with Salmon Mousse quenelles and sea asparagus, it was delicious. There were 3 courses that followed, and I’ll be darned if I can remember what they were- the chef’s tasting menu isn’t online, so I can’t cut and paste…

Wickanninish Day 2

On Friday, it was raining and we went for a walk on the beach with our rain pants, slickers and rain boots- all courtesey of the Inn. It was awesome to walk along the beach in the rain, nearing high tide and to watch all the surfers. Once coming in from the rain, the decidedly right thing to do was head to the lounge and have a spiked hot chocolate- I had a Polar Bear, Don had a Double Chocolate with some sort of booze/coffee combination.We went to SoBo’s for lunch- a bistro a couple miles from the Inn; it used to be known as the purple bus, but as we discovered, they’ve actually set up shop and parked the bus. The food is as wonderful as we remembered; we had their famous killer fish tacos and a shrimp cake that was large enough to feed a small child. They were both fabulous. We came back to the Inn for our couples hot stone massage in the Cedar Sanctuary- a cedar hut on the rocks built for 2. Don and I both fell asleep…

We ate dinner again at the Pointe restaurant.

I had:

  • Wickaninnish Potlatch
    West Coast Seafood, Shellfish Tomato Bisque

Don had:

Bacon Wrapped Ahi Tuna
Roasted Artichoke, Balsamic Brown Butter