Wickanninish Day 2

2007-04-02 One-minute read

On Friday, it was raining and we went for a walk on the beach with our rain pants, slickers and rain boots- all courtesey of the Inn. It was awesome to walk along the beach in the rain, nearing high tide and to watch all the surfers. Once coming in from the rain, the decidedly right thing to do was head to the lounge and have a spiked hot chocolate- I had a Polar Bear, Don had a Double Chocolate with some sort of booze/coffee combination.We went to SoBo’s for lunch- a bistro a couple miles from the Inn; it used to be known as the purple bus, but as we discovered, they’ve actually set up shop and parked the bus. The food is as wonderful as we remembered; we had their famous killer fish tacos and a shrimp cake that was large enough to feed a small child. They were both fabulous. We came back to the Inn for our couples hot stone massage in the Cedar Sanctuary- a cedar hut on the rocks built for 2. Don and I both fell asleep… We ate dinner again at the Pointe restaurant. I had:

  • Wickaninnish Potlatch West Coast Seafood, Shellfish Tomato Bisque

Don had: Bacon Wrapped Ahi Tuna Roasted Artichoke, Balsamic Brown Butter