You Like Coffee, Daddy?

2007-04-18 2-minute read

When I arrived at Donna’s to pick up Alice, she and Logan were playing outside in the backyard. Two little backyardigans running around. As soon as Alice saw me she came running. I scooped her up and she give me a great big hug. Donna and I visited for a little while. I asked Alice if she had a good day. Silence. Did she have a little rest (i.e. a nap)? Silence. Alice didn’t say a word, she just cuddled in my arms, drinking her water, perfectly content. “She’ll probably talk your ear off once you get in the car.” Once I had Alice buckled into her car seat….. “Daddy, you don’t have any chocolate milk in your car.” Corinna usually gives Alice a small chocolate milk on the way home from Donna’s. “I didn’t have time to stop at the store and buy one for you, sweetheart.” “I didn’t have time to buy chocolate milk either, Daddy.” “Should we go to Safeway and buy some chocolate milk?” “Yep.” At Safeway Alice helped me carry the chocolate milk. She even gave the cashier the money – what a good little helper. We then went to Starbuck’s and I bought myself a coffee. Alice didn’t mind the wait, since she had a chocolate milk by then. Once we were home Alice said, “You like coffee, Daddy?” “Yes I do.” “When I get older, when I get bigger like you, maybe I’ll like coffee too.”