2 Lines!

2007-06-24 4-minute read

We’ve waited to post this entry until we could tell our families… May 17th, the day we left for Winnipeg, I decided to do a pregnancy test. I had just done one on Mother’s Day, May 13th, and it was negative. By Thursday May 17th I thought it was time to test again. I did the test and waited, Don and I were busy getting ready for our trip; I looked at the test and there were definately 2 lines. I kept saying “honey, 2 lines”, or “hey, 2 lines”, “did you know there were 2 lines?”. I couldn’t believe it! We’ve been trying for about 6 months; and in April I kind of gave up and decided not to keep track anymore, as obviously nothing was happening. Of course this is when it happens! Pregnant! We didn’t have much time to absorb this information, as we had to get out the door. We told Alice as soon as she woke up, and she proclaimed the baby in mommy’s tummy was a boy. She seemed okay with the news, and has been talking about wanting to be a big sister for awhile. Our trip started out by getting pulled over by the police on Deerfoot; I passed a motorcycle cop while on the way to the airport, going 105; he was going 100 km/hr. He let us go, I’d have been pretty choked if I got a ticket, given standard speed on Deerfoot is 120 km/hr…. We got to the airport, parked at the Park n Jet, and I wanted to bring my CD’s with us. Don said he’d put them in his suitcase. He looked at the suitcases on the ground, and realized we didn’t have his… this isn’t a good predicament to be in when you’re already at the airport! I suggested we could just leave it, but Don said there were lots of things in there we needed, so we decided to go home and get it. If we didn’t get a ticket going to the airport, I was certain we’d get one now, as we had to speed in order to get home and back to the airport in 1/2 hr. Otherwise we’d miss our flight! I drove back home, and was stressed out the whole way, as I had just been pulled over… so Don drove on the way back to the airport, averaging 140 km/hr…we made it from Copperfield to the airport in 15 minutes…. Anyway, we got to the airport, parked in the Park N Jet, and there was a bus ready there to take us to the terminal – lucky for us we didn’t have to wait! We checked our luggage and even had time for lunch – this was good for us! As we were quickly eating, I thought I heard a final boarding call for the flight to Winnipeg – but couldn’t be as we still had 20 min. before the plane was supposed to leave. Then a minute later we heard: “paging Don, Corinna and Alice Murray to gate 50!” Yikes, we’ve been paged! I told Don to run ahead and tell them we were coming, meanwhile I was holding onto a crying Alice, the cooler and a plate of cut up pizza, running down the gateway…it was one of those scenarios that you see and pity that poor mother! We got to the gate and they told us that the pilots wanted to leave Calgary early as they wanted to avoid a storm…they told us to take our time boarding; right. We got on the plane, of course it was full, and yes, we were the last people to get on. How embarassing! Alice did very well on the flight to Winnipeg. We landed, and Daddy was in charge of baggage. Alice and I were watching her DVD player (a God send, really), and after quite awhile I looked up and the baggage carousel had stopped moving, people were gone, and where was Daddy? We found him at the West Jet baggage claim, not a good sign. Apparently they lost 2 of our bags. Don thought we had 5; I said I thought it was only 4; after looking at the bags we had, we confirmed we were only missing one. And guess which one – my work bag!!! I’d rather loose my clothes than my work stuff! Luckily it turned up several hours later; West Jet called us at Auntie Wanda’s and it was delivered by courier that night. Crisis averted. Day over, we were exhausted and still haven’t been able to process the little baby growing inside me.