Come on, guys, follow me!

2007-07-09 2-minute read

Alice has really taken to the rainforest walk here on the grounds of The Wickaninnish. We cross Chesterman Beach to the rainforest trail. Crossing Chesterman Beach We often cross the beach at full speed. We still haven’t touched the ocean. Once we’re into the rainforest, it’s very important that Alice lead the way. “Come on, guys, follow me!” Come on guys Alice is really good at walking the path by herself. There is one part where you have to walk across a streambed on a plank. Alice can do this without help. Walking on a plank There are some stairs over old nurse logs – Alice handles these by herself. Stairs over a nurse log Sometimes the nurse logs are too small to require stairs. Our fearless rainforest guide traverses these without any assistance. Small nurse log We’ve seen many interesting things on the rainforest walk. There are flowers, bright red bugs, caterpillars, wild raspberries, and birds. This rainforest walk has become quite a regular routine. We did it once on our first day, once Saturday, and twice yesterday. Today we’ve already done it twice. Alice is having a nap on the cot while Corinna is at the Ancient Cedars Spa. As soon as Alice is awake, I expect we’ll go on our walk again. Tonight a babysitter is coming to our room to stay with Alice while we go to The Pointe for supper. Alice is having a Kid’s Night In – pizza, homemade cookie, popcorn, and a movie (The Little Mermaid). We hope she has fun. Alice has been pretty well behaved for this visit. Last night we had supper at The Pointe but ate on the patio. This worked really well for Alice, since she didn’t have to sit still and be as quiet as would have been required inside. Singing on the patio Alice sang us a song before supper. It was another of her original works, and was acompanied by a little dance. Our waiter, Ali, was kind enough to bring Alice an appetizer of her own: a small grilled-cheese sandwich with ketchup. It was perfectly prepared, and must have been no more than half a slice of bread in total. A very nice touch. Grilled cheese appy Our return flight was departing Comox tomorrow at noon. Since it’s a three hour drive from Tofino, we’d have to leave her very early in the morning. Corinna suggested we change to a later flight, and WestJet has put us on a 7PM instead. This should make our return trip much more enjoyable.