Going to the Ocean

2007-07-06 One-minute read

We’re flying to Comox, BC today, then driving to Tofino. Back to The Wickanninnish – this time with Alice too. Corinna’s cousin Jason is marrying Stacey in Port Alberni on Saturday. Since Port Alberni is pretty close to Tofino, we couldn’t resist staying there again. Alice is very excited about this vacation. We’ve been telling her about the ocean and the beach. Most mornings lately have involved the following conversation. “I not going to Donna’s today.” “Where do you think we’re going?” “To ocean.” It’s difficult to explain the passage of time to someone who’s not yet 3. Alice is also very excited because Grandma Barb is flying with us today. Grandma doesn’t like flying, so Alice has been telling her all about the plane ride. “The plane goes up up up. Then there’s a really big bump.” It’s not clear whether this is helping Grandma.