Potty Training

2007-08-16 One-minute read

Alice started using the potty a few weeks ago. Initially we had her in pull ups, but I quickly realized she wouldn’t “learn” unless she could feel that she had an accident. So I had her in panties at home for a few days, then told Donna that she was doing so well I wanted to encourage her to wear panties at the dayhome, so Donna did as I asked. Alice has had no accidents since starting to wear panties at Donna’s, so that’s good! She’s only had a few accidents at home in the beginning, now Alice recognizes when she has to go, and it’s very obvious to us- we rush her to the potty if she doesn’t go by herself. #2 of course has proven the biggest challenge, but we’ve got #1 down pat! Alice still wears pull ups at nap time and bed time, but Donna has said Alice wakes up dry 99% of the time from her naps- so maybe we’ll try to go without pull ups at nap times as see how that goes! We’re very proud of our girl- the kind of pride you can’t imagine until you have children and go through these various stages of life. And she’s so precious in panties, my girl!