Nathaniel's 1st vaccinations March 28th

2008-04-25 One-minute read

Okay, I know it’s April 24th, only 1 month after this event… I have 2 kids! The excuse I plan to use for about the rest of my life! Alice, Nathaniel and I went to the South Calgary Health Center, and both children did very well.. Alice wasen’t too sure what to make of it all, though, when Nathaniel got his needles- her job was to ring the bell in his ear, but when he got the first needle and started to cry, Alice didn’t really know what to do; and of course, he got the other 2 needles in his right leg, so more crying… But she did ring the bell, and I think she felt good that she helped her brother. His measurements were: 10lb 13 oz. 23 1/4 inches long 40 cm. head circumference He was 50th percentile for weight and 55th for height- exactly in the middle, which means he is perfectly proportioned. That’s my little guy!