Perpetually Sick

2008-06-07 One-minute read

I’ve had a cold since … well … the beginning of May. It seems to mutate every week or two. Just as I think I’m almost better, I develop new symptoms. “Hmm. Sinus infection. Excellent.” “Phew. Sinuses have cleared. What’s with this nasty cough?” Alice had a bacterial eye infection, and I managed to contract that as well. Her eyes are mostly cleared, and so are mine. Nathaniel had a mild eye infection, and he’s mostly better as well. On Thursday I told someone at work that I was amazed Corinna hadn’t been sick. Apparently I spoke too soon. Friday morning she awoke with a really nasty cold too. Alice is mostly healthy, and Nathaniel has cruised through almost unscathed. If Nathaniel was sleeping through the night, I’d probably be fine. The immune system on a sleep-deprived adult isn’t worth much.