Helping Daddy Change the Static IPs

2008-07-09 2-minute read

Shaw notified us a while ago that we were getting new static IP addresses. This is part of their, “ongoing commitment to proactively manage and upgrade” their internet network. Whatever that means. The old IPs ( and became inactive around 1AM today. The new IPs ( and were to become active at 6AM today. This is where Nathaniel became involved. At 5AM our Number One Son and Heir awoke. As happens most early mornings, he wakes up very cheerful. And why wouldn’t he be today? After all, he was going to get to help daddy work on the network infrastructure. Having received my 5AM wake-up call, I gave him a bottle. I then made myself a cappuccino to kickstart my sleep-deprived brain. We then headed down to the doffice to see whether Shaw was on time. So far, not so good. Forward and reverse DNS are working correctly for dmurray@euler:/home/dmurray 0> dig +short dmurray@euler:/home/dmurray 0> dig +short -x But I’m able to do nothing more than ping the gateway IP ( I’m able to resolve external hosts, but unable to reach any of them. Hmm. I tried a traceroute on root@wart:~# traceroute traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 * * * 2 ( 9.615 ms 9.261 ms 8.978 ms 3 * * * 4 * * * ... 30 * * * Right. The only host that responded was Time to make a call to tech support. Yuck. Since there wasn’t much else Nathaniel could do, he decided to roll around on the floor. Back to front, front to back, play with toys, play with toes, back to front. He’s getting really good at rolling over. But he’s still not sleeping through the night – up at least once, if not twice.