Nathaniel at 6 months

2008-08-12 3-minute read

Nathaniel had his 6 month visit with Dr. Pow August 1st, and his vaccinations Aug 8th. His measurements are: 17 lb. 1 oz 27 1/4 inches long So he remains in the 50th percentile for weight, and 75th for length; as the nurse described him, “long and lean”. He looks smaller than many other babies his age, cuz he’s just so darn solid! Not much chub, he bounces around in his jolly jumper too much for that! Don always says after he gets Nathaniel out of it after his early morning workout, his legs are hot! If he’s in the right mood, Nathaniel is happy jolly jumping for an hour or longer. He has recently taken to swinging in it from side to side as well. Thank you Auntie Chrissy for letting us borrow this most valuable piece of equipment! Nathaniel is now full bore on solids, and enjoying all of it, except peas, and some things he finds sour ie/ apples. He is still up at least once/night, lately for 1-2 hours at a time- yikes! But if this is the case, it tends to be the only time he is up, and has 2 feedings worth during that period. IE/ last night he woke at 11:30pm- just after Mommy fell alseep from being at work at a 50 person hors d’oeuvre party- and he ate 160ml, was awake until 1:30am, but had another 140 ml in there somewhere (I don’t remember when)… I always go back to bed and let him try to settle himself, but he moves around and rolls too much, and eventually gets stuck and/or frustrated and I have to go rescue him. By 1:30am last night (or I guess this morning) I went in and picked him up- he was flailing away and not happy. So when I picked him up, he completely stopped moving, and just stared at his blue night light. After only a minute or so, his poor little head fell onto my shoulder, and he was fast asleep. It was so precious, I wish I was more rested to be able to enjoy these moments more!!! But, on the other hand,  the one good thing about doing the night feedings is that I get one on one time with him, which is the only time of the day/night I get this. So in some ways I look forward to it! Also, when Nathaniel was exactly 6 months, that day nana and papa were here, and Nathaniel sat up by himself for several minutes. Nana even got a photo! We’re glad that we all got to witness such a wonderful thing, as is rarely the case!