Nathaniel sleeps through the night

2008-12-03 One-minute read

Well, it only took 10 months, but Nathaniel slept through the night last night, 11 hours. Of course Don and I didn’t sleep that much- I woke up around 5am, couldn’t go back to sleep. I got around 7hours straight- an unknown phenomenon to my body this year, it thought it had enough I guess. I know now why my parents have gray hair. It’s not because Chrissy and I were terrible teenagers, it’s simply because they had children!!!! It ages you like nothing else can… Currently Nathaniel is into everything, He can climb onto stools, turn the taps on for the bathtub, gets into any cupboard or drawer. And for whatever reason, when he hears or sees a gate open, he makes a b-line for it. A few weeks ago he took a tumble down the stairs- all 12. He was okay, but don’t you think he’d remember that it maybe wasn’t such a good time? He’s still too young to process reason, I guess. He points at everything, and says “up”. He loves lights, and the celing fan. He knows that if you turn the switch, the fan will come on- as soon as you turn it, he looks up and points.