Nathaniel turns 1!

2009-01-28 2-minute read

Nathaniel is 1 year old today, not a “baby” anymore. Well, a big baby, I guess. Chasing after his big sister, he’ll be a big boy in no time though. Today, Alice has the flu; she’s been sick since 2am, vomiting every 1/2 hour or so until about 4pm. Poor girl… we’re glad though that Nathaniel isn’t sick on his birthday! Nathaniel has changed lots since our last blog; he can easily walk 3-4 steps without falling on his bum, but can go 9 or so if he really tries. He talks up a jabbery storm, telling all sorts of stories, and is a funny boy! He loves to play games- peekaboo, hide and seek and tug a war with his yellow b (his most favorite blanket that must be with him at all times, received at birth from Auntie Wanda- gee, thanks auntie!) We’re lucky if we can get it away from him long enough to wash it… yes, it serves as comfort, as well as having other functions such as a napkin! He can say “nana”, “dada” and mum mum mum; Alice is pronounced “AAAA!”, he can say “up”. He claps his hands when you tell him to clap, and waves as well. He loves when you tickle him, and giggles up a storm! He’s been sleeping through the night since about 10 1/2 months. His naps the last week have been off kilter, I think he’s transitioning to only 1 nap/day (sleep is for babies!). Most days now he does only have 1/day, depending on when he wakes up.