Nathaniel news

2009-02-26 2-minute read

Since our last post, Nathaniel has grown a lot! He’s fully walking now; he tries to go so fast he’s almost running!!! It sure is hard work trying to keep up to Alice! He’s learned a bunch of new words too. A few days ago he learned to say “da-ddy”. His favorite new word is “car”, which comes out more as if he has a British accent; it sounds more like “ca”. His most favorite activity as such, is to stand on the bonus room window sill and watch the parade of cars go by (yes, every day there is a parade on Copperfield Blvd., don’t you know!). He cries when you take him off, and will point to the window and say “ca” to get you to take him there. His word for Alice sounds more like “Ala” now, and he can now say “cracker” aka “ca ca” since our discovery of peanut butter cracker sandwiches. For a few weeks now he’s been able to say “ba ba” for his bottle, which he says when he’s thirsty. A minor note, the last post said Alice had the flu- well she was better after 6 days or so, then Nathaniel got sick. So he was sick for his 1st birthday, not fair at all. He was vomitting/diarrhea for about 5 days, and took a few days after to get back to his normal self. Then he had a growth spurt to boot, so was eating up a storm! He gained back the weight he lost, and then some. He’s never been a chubby baby, but he is strong! 2 weeks after his actual birthday, we had a party with the 4 of us and opened the family gifts.