Mommy gets a job in insurance

I was hired at AMA and started May 19th as an auto adjuster. It’s been 8 years since I’ve done this, but I’ve gotten back into it quickly… the hardest adjustment is commuting to a day job which has me away from home from 7:15am- 5:45pm. I miss Alice and Nathaniel terribly. The first week was the hardest, and I really didn’t think I could continue…but since Don was laid off March 23rd, neither of us could afford not to accept any offers. I’ve adjusted now to being at work, though I find it strange to take breaks as required ( a break, what’s that?). I actually asked in the interview if I could work through lunch and go home early… this makes complete sense to me but I guess is not an option….

Anyway, we hired a nanny, Leah, who started the Friday before I had to begin my job. She’s working out great, not that I ever see her. The kids seem happy and Don reports good things, like Leah making Nathaniel go on time outs for hitting Alice. She seems to do things the way I would, so I guess in my absence this is the next best thing.

Photo Friday – High Speed

Alice and Cassie cruising at high speed

Alice driving Cassie’s Barbie Jeep at the farm. At high speed. Since it was almost bedtime, they’re cruising in their pyjamas.

Gas-powered RC car

For something a whole lot faster, Norm’s gas-powered RC car. It goes like stink. Nathaniel needs one of these right away.