Nathaniel at 18 months

2009-08-31 2-minute read

N keeps surprising us every day in his development, he can now say 4 word sentences as of today- " I he a mo-mo", while he puts his hand up to his ear as if listening for one… ( a motorcycle) How adorable! He also refers to these as “motor ceecles”. He’s been saying 2 and 3 word sentences for awhile ie/ Alice sleep, Daddy home, quiet Alice sleeping, mo mo down there, etc. He can also climb onto the kitchen table- he first learned how to get up into his highchair himself, but quickly learned how to keep going…why stop at the chair, go all the way man! He likes to play with the chandelier…I guess this is what boys do; Alice never attempted this. He also can count to 4, knows A B C D and is learning his colors. His favorite colors seem to be orange or yellow, but perhaps he just likes saying the words (or maybe Auntie Chrissy is brainwashing with her yellow!) In the mornings when N wakes up (we often now abbreviate names to “A” or “N”, since Don and I both have blackberries, we text a lot), he says things like" Mommy come! Mo mo’s down there" and makes sounds like “bruummm, bruummm, while playing. And when I come in to get him, sure enough his mo mos are usually on the floor out of reach. He doesn’t say, good morning Mommy, or anything like that, it’s “mo mo down there!” and he wants me to get his mo mo’s for him, so of course I do. And then he talks about his “b”, and so on. And when we come out of his room, he says, “ssss, Alice sleep”, but yet 2 seconds later he’s talking loudly as he passes her room. He likes to cuddle in the morning, sitting on my lap eating his breakfast, the only one on one time we get all day. I eat this up! Plus it’s the only time all day that he sits still! The rest of the day he doesn’t stop moving, except when he has his nap. Lately when he’s ready for his nap, he will tell us by saying " I tired” and rub his eyes. How cute. And when I put him down for his nap, he says" funny", or “silly”. Perhaps  he’s wanting confirmation that he is in fact funny, well, because he is. One of the cutest things he says is " Oh goodness". The way he says it is adorable!