Christmas Eve

2009-12-25 2-minute read

We had a skating party tonight- I bought Alice some Tinker Bell skates, and she went skating for the first time (well, we went 2 years ago xmas eve with Uncle Norm, Cassie and Chrissy, Steve, Wendy and Megan) but then Alice just used the strap on boot skates, and Uncle Norm and Steve carried the girls around on the ice, and they thought it was great!) Anyway, at first Alice was hesitant, but quickly got used to the idea of skating. She used the skating bar thing ( not sure what to call it) it’s kind of like skating with a stacking stool, like we did when we were kids. She did quite well, and enjoyed it. We were the only ones there, so it was nice. It was the ice just over in Mckenzie Towne which is a basket ball/skate boarding rink in the summer. After skating we came home and had a pizza party and listened to Christmas music and opened our xmas eve presents from Nana (jammies). Off to bed quickly to get ready for Santa…. Alice is pretty excited, Nathaniel is too; when you ask him who’s coming, he says “I dunno!” (as is often his response when asked a question these days- mostly his way of offering a cheeky response to your question) then he promptly replies “santa claus!”. Looking forward to Christmas day!!