Nathaniel turns 2!

2010-01-28 3-minute read

Today was Nate’s second bday- a happy day though he was sick. Don took him to the urgent care centre last night after supper– at 5pm Nathaniel presented with a sudden fever, I called mom and she told me we should take him in ASAP. The dr. there told Don that N didn’t have an ear infection, and that he just has a bad cold…not much help. N’s had a cold for almost 2 weeks now, and on Sunday when we were on our way to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday party, he was crying and fussing, saying his ear hurt. So we assumed he had an ear infection and bought some polysporin drops for his ear. He perked up once we were at Chuck E Cheese, which was good so he could enjoy his party! But the rest of the day he was miserable. Anyway, today he still had a fever, though he was happy enough. He enjoyed the carrots at supper, and blowing out his birthday candle on his cupcake, and the chocolate ice cream…. and opening his presents. His fever broke tonight as well, so that’s good. Nathaniel is so funny. and smart. and cute! I love my little boy. His cutest new saying is, “my b is amazing, it’s yellow, it’s soft.” He loves his b! And he loves his mo mo’s especially the ones nana Barb put on his bday cake– they go with him wherever he goes, even the tub! He’s a good boy, too. When I ask him to do something, he says, “.. ohhkaayyy.” Except when he wants to stall– when asked to do something, ie/ get into the tub, he sometimes says “I just play cars one minute, k mom?” or something like that. And at bedtime, we have a new routine, where I have to sing to him. But I don’t sing unless he’s laying down (my attempt to settle him so he’ll actually go to sleep). I have to sing “day ba day ba”- which is the Doug and the Slugs song, “Day by Day”– we listen to this song every single time we’re in the car, over and over and over…- he asks for it “again” before the song is even over! and then he says “turn it up, mom” and I always say “it’s up enough”. So after I sing this song, he says “sing twinkle star, mom” and I sing “twinkle twinkle”. Then he usually asks for another song, but I tell him good night and I leave the room. He’s so cute. Did I mention that already??