N at 2

2010-03-23 One-minute read

Nathaniel had is 2 year check up with Dr. Pow on March 15th. He was 29 lbs and 37 inches tall. He is a typical 2 year old boy– always getting into things, bugging his big sister, and not listening to Mommy… well, he is good though. He sure loves his mama! We’ve hired a new nanny service, nannies on call. There was an “incident” a few weeks ago which lead us to fire Post Natal Helpers. Shelley, who was working this particular day, had neglected to be aware of the fact that Nathaniel had put his boots on and left the house through the garage, while I was packing my car up for deliveries. A stranger found him in the back alley and returned him home, safe and sound. How horrifying it was… The new nanny service seems good, one nanny we’ve actually had before, Debbie. We hired her to baby sit Alice once when she was a baby. Anyway, so far so good. Nathaniel is quite attached to mommy, of course.  I’m hardly ever away from him, not that I mind him being a mama’s boy. It is hard to give attention to Alice and N at the same time, that’s the biggest challenge every day for sure.