anyways, sometimes

2010-04-08 2-minute read

These are words Nathaniel is practising right now, using them in various sentences ie/I just don’t like that anyways….- complete with shoulder shrug and voice intonation. Just now, he said: “I want my car coloring book.” And I said, “I think it’s in the car.” Nathaniel said “no, it’s not it must be hiding somewhere.” He also is starting to say things like “I don’t want yogurt, I hate it”. I’m not so fired up about the “hate” things, hoping it’s just a phase. He’s also big into throwing toys and things, and hitting. Yikes. Easter morning he threw an egg at me and hit me right in the shoulder, while I was recording the easter egg hunt on the camcorder- the tape got turned off at that point, needless to say. He’s learning his colors quickly, from watching TMBG (they might be giants) videos- a band geared towards teaching kids about stuff like planets, colors, the alphabet, etc. Don and I think they’re cool. E eats everything and ROY G BIV are some favorites. N’s favorite color is orange. N’s favorite music video right now has changed from “Day by day” to “Land down under”- so the reprive is nice, however, now there’s a new song we must listen to over and over and over and over….