Nathaniel turns 4!

2012-01-29 3-minute read

I just got home from catering. N is sleeping on his right side (unusual- it’s always his left); he has his front-end loader and dump truck beside him, and his new remote control car on the floor in his room. Highlights: -he weighs about 35lbs- he can’t wait for a booster seat! -words he says incorrectly but we don’t have the heart to correct: hexcadons, patteren (Alice says “patteren” too), poofed (as in “I’m pooped), poka-spots instead of poka dots. - he spells his name: NTM- I believe this to be his artist’s signature. No way will I ever be the one to tell him this is NOT his name, as he believes it to be true; I leave this up to the poor kindergarten teacher… - he has never wet the bed, even once, since being fully potty trained. I attribute this to waiting until he was fully ready for this. -he loves to play on daddy’s epad, and our android phones. He knows how to work my phone better than I do. -his 4th birthday party last Sunday he had 3 pre-school friends- Linkin, Jacob and Mason; plus Kieren from Fun Flex attend. Cousins Cassie and Remi of course, Auntie Chrissy, Nana Barb and Papa Doug. Nana made him a rocket birthday cake. His favorites presents were a Saturn 5 rocket from Nana, in which the stages of the rocket come apart. (He sleeps with this, and we often find the pieces all over the house, as the rocket launchres into it’s various orbits throughout the day; mommy is not an expert at re-assembling it). His other favorite gift is the nano hex-bug. He now has a whole track and several bugs. A true highlight. He also got many craft gifts, which he loves. He loves coloring on his easel, mostly drawing volcanoes violently erupting… He goes to Bright Stars preschool, and will be going to Sam in the fall with his sister. He’s doing quite well there, but still not stimulated enough, he’s more than ready for kindergarten. He loves doing crafts at school, and when they come home, it’s always, “look what I made for you Mommy!"- well, sometimes these crafts are for daddy and/or Alice too. His teachers once commented to me that he is very proficient at craft-type activities and using scissors, etc. I said this is because he has an older sister whom also loves crafts. That and I let him do kind of what ever he feels like. One day we had the idea to get one of my cafeteria trays (that I use for Personal Thyme) and put some flour on it, and he can drive his trucks in it. He played all morning, made a huge mess but I just wiped him off and sent him to school. The teachers called me one of those “cool moms” who let their kids experiement like that. Well why not, I say! Especially├é┬á if it’s a Ruby day… He also loves riding his tricycle. Even in winter, except when there is too much snow he rides it when we pick Alice up from the bus!