Nathaniel’s First Night Without Baby

On Thursday night at bedtime, we discovered Nathaniel didn’t have Baby (his security blanket). He’s slept with Baby every night of his life.

Nathaniel was very, very upset. So were Alice and I. But he handled it really well. Alice loaned him one of her blankets, which helped some.

I stayed with him in his room, watching over him. He’d open his eyes and see me watching. That seemed comforting. He was asleep pretty quickly.

This was a teaching moment for the kids. When biomom packs their bags, things get left behind. For years, I’ve been encouraging Alice and Nathaniel to pack their own bags.

Nathaniel at 18 months

N keeps surprising us every day in his development, he can now say 4 word sentences as of today- ” I he a mo-mo”, while he puts his hand up to his ear as if listening for one… ( a motorcycle) How adorable! He also refers to these as “motor ceecles”. He’s been saying 2 and 3 word sentences for awhile ie/ Alice sleep, Daddy home, quiet Alice sleeping, mo mo down there, etc. He can also climb onto the kitchen table- he first learned how to get up into his highchair himself, but quickly learned how to keep going…why stop at the chair, go all the way man! He likes to play with the chandelier…I guess this is what boys do; Alice never attempted this. He also can count to 4, knows A B C D and is learning his colors. His favorite colors seem to be orange or yellow, but perhaps he just likes saying the words (or maybe Auntie Chrissy is brainwashing with her yellow!)

In the mornings when N wakes up (we often now abbreviate names to “A” or “N”, since Don and I both have blackberries, we text a lot), he says things like” Mommy come! Mo mo’s down there” and makes sounds like “bruummm, bruummm, while playing. And when I come in to get him, sure enough his mo mos are usually on the floor out of reach. He doesn’t say, good morning Mommy, or anything like that, it’s “mo mo down there!” and he wants me to get his mo mo’s for him, so of course I do. And then he talks about his “b”, and so on. And when we come out of his room, he says, “ssss, Alice sleep”, but yet 2 seconds later he’s talking loudly as he passes her room. He likes to cuddle in the morning, sitting on my lap eating his breakfast, the only one on one time we get all day. I eat this up! Plus it’s the only time all day that he sits still! The rest of the day he doesn’t stop moving, except when he has his nap. Lately when he’s ready for his nap, he will tell us by saying ” I tired” and rub his eyes. How cute. And when I put him down for his nap, he says” funny”, or “silly”. Perhaps  he’s wanting confirmation that he is in fact funny, well, because he is. One of the cutest things he says is ” Oh goodness”. The way he says it is adorable!

Alice’s first day of Kindergarten

On Friday, I took Alice to her first day of kindergarten, at Sam Livingston school.


Wow, Mommy needs to learn french- Alice will soon be learning things I won’t have a clue of what she’ll be saying!

Her teacher, Mme Heather Dyson, seems very nice, and sincere. It was a staggered entry, which means half the kids went Thurs. and the other half on Friday. I took her to her class and met the teacher, then I was instructed to head to the library for orientation, while Alice had an hour of class. Our girl isn’t little anymore!!! She seems so grown up now. It went well, and she enjoyed it. Tomorrow she starts full time, and will be taking the bus. The bus pick up is 11:59am, and drop off is at the same spot, at 4:05pm. So Nathaniel and I will have 4 hours by ourselves, that will be weird. On Friday, we discovered that a girl from Alice’s preschool is not only in her class, but also taking the same bus! So that’s great, they can be bus buddies, and friends in school. We’re very proud of our girl!

Mommy gets a job in insurance

I was hired at AMA and started May 19th as an auto adjuster. It’s been 8 years since I’ve done this, but I’ve gotten back into it quickly… the hardest adjustment is commuting to a day job which has me away from home from 7:15am- 5:45pm. I miss Alice and Nathaniel terribly. The first week was the hardest, and I really didn’t think I could continue…but since Don was laid off March 23rd, neither of us could afford not to accept any offers. I’ve adjusted now to being at work, though I find it strange to take breaks as required ( a break, what’s that?). I actually asked in the interview if I could work through lunch and go home early… this makes complete sense to me but I guess is not an option….

Anyway, we hired a nanny, Leah, who started the Friday before I had to begin my job. She’s working out great, not that I ever see her. The kids seem happy and Don reports good things, like Leah making Nathaniel go on time outs for hitting Alice. She seems to do things the way I would, so I guess in my absence this is the next best thing.

Photo Friday – High Speed

Alice and Cassie cruising at high speed

Alice driving Cassie’s Barbie Jeep at the farm. At high speed. Since it was almost bedtime, they’re cruising in their pyjamas.

Gas-powered RC car

For something a whole lot faster, Norm’s gas-powered RC car. It goes like stink. Nathaniel needs one of these right away.

Nathaniel news

Since our last post, Nathaniel has grown a lot!
He’s fully walking now; he tries to go so fast he’s almost running!!! It sure is hard work trying to keep up to Alice!

He’s learned a bunch of new words too. A few days ago he learned to say “da-ddy”. His favorite new word is “car”, which comes out more as if he has a British accent; it sounds more like “ca”. His most favorite activity as such, is to stand on the bonus room window sill and watch the parade of cars go by (yes, every day there is a parade on Copperfield Blvd., don’t you know!). He cries when you take him off, and will point to the window and say “ca” to get you to take him there. His word for Alice sounds more like “Ala” now, and he can now say “cracker” aka “ca ca” since our discovery of peanut butter cracker sandwiches. For a few weeks now he’s been able to say “ba ba” for his bottle, which he says when he’s thirsty.

A minor note, the last post said Alice had the flu- well she was better after 6 days or so, then Nathaniel got sick. So he was sick for his 1st birthday, not fair at all. He was vomitting/diarrhea for about 5 days, and took a few days after to get back to his normal self. Then he had a growth spurt to boot, so was eating up a storm! He gained back the weight he lost, and then some. He’s never been a chubby baby, but he is strong! 2 weeks after his actual birthday, we had a party with the 4 of us and opened the family gifts.

Potty Training

Well, the saga continues… We’ve had Alice out of pull ups for a few weeks now, but 75% of the time she wets the bed, so on Monday we put her back in pull ups for the night. I would wake her up to pee before I went to bed, and then again in the night when Nathaniel woke up, but this didn’t guarantee a dry night. On the up side, she would wake up when she peed, but just couldn’t seem to wake up before she had to go. So we’ll save a few loads of laundry for awhile, and try again at some point (not soon!). She seems happier, because she’s not waking up at night!

Alice updates

Well, it doesn’t seem fair that we don’t blog much about Alice these days– she’s passed through all of the developmental stages of early childhood, and is now a big girl. There are noteworthy events as of late, however.

September 3rd: Alice begins her second year of pre-school, going M/W/F from 1:30pm- 3:45pm. She is now in the same class as Bethany, a friend who lives right across from the purple park.

September 4th: Alice and I go to Corteo, a Cirque Du Soleil production. Don and I saw it the week before (on a date!!), and through the whole thing I kept thinking how much Alice would love it! So Alice and I went while Meghan looked after ‘taniels, a 4pm show. We had front row seats (only the best for my girl!). At first she thought it was too loud, and kept covering her ears. Then she was okay cuddling with me during the loud parts. I’d offer M&M’s and popcorn for distraction, which helped (What 3 year old doesn’t want treats for supper???!!). For the second half of the show, she was so into it that she forgot to cover her ears. It was so cute, I wish I had the camcorder just to record her! Every time there was a character or scene she liked, she’d start clapping, even if no one else was, and smile and laugh… it was wonderful. Whenever there was a character that came to our part of the stage, they would look at Alice, smile and do a little wave, and Alice would wave back. How cute is that?

Nathaniel’s 3 month visit with Dr. Pow

Alice, Nathaniel and I went to Dr. Pow’s yesterday for his 3 month check up.
He weighs 12 lb 7 oz and is 24 inches long.
No concerns, no problems.
He is such an easy baby, I don’t know what we’d do if he wasen’t; we’re run off our feet as it is!
Alice is much more work than baby; it’s a much simpler life when you’re little than when you’re 3.

Nathaniel’s 1st vaccinations March 28th

Okay, I know it’s April 24th, only 1 month after this event… I have 2 kids! The excuse I plan to use for about the rest of my life!

Alice, Nathaniel and I went to the South Calgary Health Center, and both children did very well..
Alice wasen’t too sure what to make of it all, though, when Nathaniel got his needles-
her job was to ring the bell in his ear, but when he got the first needle and started to cry, Alice didn’t really know what to do; and of course, he got the other 2 needles in his right leg, so more crying…
But she did ring the bell, and I think she felt good that she helped her brother.
His measurements were:

10lb 13 oz.

23 1/4 inches long

40 cm. head circumference

He was 50th percentile for weight and 55th for height- exactly in the middle, which means he is perfectly proportioned. That’s my little guy!