Nathaniel’s First Night Without Baby

On Thursday night at bedtime, we discovered Nathaniel didn’t have Baby (his security blanket). He’s slept with Baby every night of his life.

Nathaniel was very, very upset. So were Alice and I. But he handled it really well. Alice loaned him one of her blankets, which helped some.

I stayed with him in his room, watching over him. He’d open his eyes and see me watching. That seemed comforting. He was asleep pretty quickly.

This was a teaching moment for the kids. When biomom packs their bags, things get left behind. For years, I’ve been encouraging Alice and Nathaniel to pack their own bags.

Nathaniel news

It’s been too long since the last blog…

Nathaniel and Alice had their latest vaccinations March 24th, the day after Don was laid off from Pason…

Nathaniel weighed 21 lbs, and is 75% for weight and 90th for height- the tall Murray!

I keep meaning to update Nathaniel’s progress- he knows so many words now!!

Here’s the list I can try to think of:

Car (has been saying this for months), Truck (“uck”), Plane (“pane”), Alice (“acss”), Mama, Daddy, Bye Bye, Toothbrush (“busch”), Uncle “unco”, Auntie “a-tee”, Cassie “ca-he”, Chase “teace”, meow meow (“mao mao”), puppy, mess, ba ba (for his bottle), wee, two, bo-bo, hug (“ug”), remote (“mote”), dragon (“a-gon”), rock (“ock”), happy “a-py”, no, phone “oan”, toes, hot, motorbike “mo-mo”, uckie, nose, eyes, blackberries “blackie”, noodles “noonoes”, apple “app-o”, ball, horse, owl, book (a new word this week), up, down, go. He learns new words almost daily. He loves to sit and read books, and will often gravitate to the bookshelf while Alice happily watches treehouse. His favorite books are the happy baby words ones, where he can point to things and say what they are. The most important word is “B”, for his blanket- his most worldly possession (I think he loves it more than me!)

And now he can put 2-3 words together, ie/ go-go-go (this is what he says as soon as he sees hockey on TV), bye-bye, no no, etc.

This week he also learned how to blow kisses–the most adorable thing!

And he knows all his body parts and proudly points to them when asked ie/where’s your fingers?

He is smart, and I kiss him all day long!!!

Nathaniel turns 1!

Nathaniel is 1 year old today, not a “baby” anymore. Well, a big baby, I guess. Chasing after his big sister, he’ll be a big boy in no time though.

Today, Alice has the flu; she’s been sick since 2am, vomiting every 1/2 hour or so until about 4pm. Poor girl… we’re glad though that Nathaniel isn’t sick on his birthday!

Nathaniel has changed lots since our last blog; he can easily walk 3-4 steps without falling on his bum, but can go 9 or so if he really tries. He talks up a jabbery storm, telling all sorts of stories, and is a funny boy! He loves to play games- peekaboo, hide and seek and tug a war with his yellow b (his most favorite blanket that must be with him at all times, received at birth from Auntie Wanda- gee, thanks auntie!) We’re lucky if we can get it away from him long enough to wash it… yes, it serves as comfort, as well as having other functions such as a napkin!

He can say “nana”, “dada” and mum mum mum; Alice is pronounced “AAAA!”, he can say “up”. He claps his hands when you tell him to clap, and waves as well.

He loves when you tickle him, and giggles up a storm!

He’s been sleeping through the night since about 10 1/2 months. His naps the last week have been off kilter, I think he’s transitioning to only 1 nap/day (sleep is for babies!). Most days now he does only have 1/day, depending on when he wakes up.

Nathaniel’s First Teeth, First Christmas

On Christmas Eve (Dec 24, 2008) we noticed that Nathaniel finally had a tooth break through his gums. It was one of his bottom incisors. Kind of funny that Alice got her first tooth at Christmas too.

Nathaniel seemed to like Christmas. He didn’t try to unwrap anything early, nor did he bother the tree at all. Not what we expected. But on Christmas day, he did kind of figure out how to unwrap presents.

Alice enjoyed her Christmas too. She wrote Santa a letter (with Mommy’s help), asking him for Baby Belle, Baby Belle Bathtub, and the Sleeping Beauty movie. Because she’d been so good all year, she got all three of her wishes! Nathaniel asked for more things for the Thomas the Tank Engine train set, and he got that too.

Alice took her time opening presents. We let her go at her own pace, and she seemed to enjoy that more. As she opened a new toy, she could take a little time to play with it right away. This was better than what sometimes happens: a furious and un-enjoyable rush to open everything as quickly as possible.

Nathaniel is getting really good at standing on his own. He can take a step too, but mostly sticks to the perimeters where he has some extra support. He still adores Alice, and is a generally happy little boy.

We’re also starting to see clear communication from him. He can shake his head for “no” and “yes” — mostly he says “no.” He tries to say:

  • Alice (Ahh)
  • Nana (nah nah)
  • cat (tack)
  • up (upf)

He also loves to clap his hands, wave at people, and point at everything. He doesn’t make strange, but seems to love being around people. Whenever we go out, Nathaniel befriends anyone who looks at him.

Got a Prescription Now….

For Father’s day I went to a walk-in clinic. I’ve had my cold since at least Mother’s day, so enough was enough.

The Dr. listened to my lungs and prescribed Symbicort Turbuhaler 200mcg. This is a puffer of a synthetic corticosteroid and a “long-acting beta-agonist bronchodilator”. He said I could also come back for an antibiotic if I thought I needed that.

Uh… did I mention that I’ve been sick since Mother’s day? Yeah, let’s go with the antibiotic, please. Now, please.

So I’ve also got Azithromycin 250mg. I took two of those yesterday, then take one a day for 4 days.

I naively hoped I’d be feeling a little better today, but alas I’m still kind of miserable. My sinuses switch between plugged and dripping, and I’ve been coughing more than I did yesterday.

Maybe this is part of the recovery process….

Nathaniel came down with a cold a few days ago, but he’s mostly recovered. Alice has a bit of a runny nose, but she’s on the mend.

Corinna? Well, she’s got a cough and a sinus cold. Her strategy: tough it out. I’ve long since given up any hope that I could use that approach.

Perpetually Sick

I’ve had a cold since … well … the beginning of May. It seems to mutate every week or two. Just as I think I’m almost better, I develop new symptoms.

“Hmm. Sinus infection. Excellent.”

“Phew. Sinuses have cleared. What’s with this nasty cough?”

Alice had a bacterial eye infection, and I managed to contract that as well. Her eyes are mostly cleared, and so are mine. Nathaniel had a mild eye infection, and he’s mostly better as well.

On Thursday I told someone at work that I was amazed Corinna hadn’t been sick. Apparently I spoke too soon. Friday morning she awoke with a really nasty cold too.

Alice is mostly healthy, and Nathaniel has cruised through almost unscathed.

If Nathaniel was sleeping through the night, I’d probably be fine. The immune system on a sleep-deprived adult isn’t worth much.

Easy Peasy

For all of those who think having kids is easy (these people don’t have any children, or know of anyone who does!), or those who have a child and think 2 would be better:

Here is our life at 4 months post-partum:

Alice is 3 1/2, still wears pull ups at night. She rarely naps, but when she does her bedtime gets shifted accordingly. Given our nights with baby, we are not pushing potty training at night yet.
Alice has an eye infection and needs eye drops 3x/day. These take about 1/2 hour to do, and end up with a full on hold with her kicking and screaming. The up side is I do eventually get some medication in her eye, and the infection is clearing up quickly.
I’ve been sick almost steady for the last 2 months (2 nasty colds and 1 stomach bug). Don has had a cold for the last 2 weeks, and has a sinus infection.

Yesterday Alice slept for 2 hours in the afternoon (of course her nap did not coincide with Nathaniel, so I didn’t get to lay down- this by the way, has only happened twice since having baby. Yes, that’s right, there have been a whopping 2 days in the last 4 months where all 3 of us have had a nap). Last night she didn’t fall asleep until after 11pm…
Once I finally got her to bed, I went to bed. At 11:30pm, Nathaniel woke for his feeding. He was pretty tired, so it was a quick feed, I was back in bed shortly after midnight. Just as I fell asleep, he woke again at 1am, go downstairs to heat another bottle. Decide not to change baby since he was just changed less than 2 hrs ago, maybe he’ll stay sleepy enough and fall back asleep right away. After feeding him, burping him, I put baby back to bed. I don’t even get out of his room before he starts squealing (his latest fun activity to do in the middle of the night when we’re not sleepy). Luckily, this doesn’t last long and he falls quiet before 2am. I go back to bed.
2:30am: Alice wakes up and says she’s hungry. I go downstairs and get her a banana. She has 2 little bites and I tuck her back in.
3:00am: Nathaniel wakes for yet another feeding. I can’t believe he’s up AGAIN! Feed baby, try to keep my eyes open, change baby. Burp baby, more squealing. How can he be so happy at this godforsaken hour? By 4:30am, he finally falls quiet. But I hear Alice coughing, so I went into her room and she was laying in bed with her eyes open; she said she couldn’t sleep because she was coughing. So I gave her a soft cough drop to help her throat so she could sleep. Then I go downstairs to the playroom to turn Don’s monitor on (Don has started sleeping downstairs so that we can take actual shifts in the night- neither of us are getting any sleep!Also, his squealing is so loud it wakes up Alice; so lately I’ve been bringing baby into bed with me during this stage of the night until he’s sleepy enough to go back to his crib). I go to bed, put my ear plugs in and go to sleep.
7:30am: Alice wakes up and says “Good Morning, Mommy!”.
I need to start drinking coffee; dark, dark coffee.
And Don says I should have waited to go back to work until Nathaniel is sleeping through the night.
Who needs sleep???!!! Maybe we’ll get some in 17 years…

So, doesn’t that sound like fun?

Nathaniel at 3 1/2 months

So, our little man has changed quite a bit since his earlier days…
At this point, he started to laugh, and laugh out loud a lot!
He likes to be tickled around his neck, it’s so cute.
He can also blow raspberries, oh, and the drooling!
He has begun teething already, and when he’s on a finger chewing spree, your shoulder will be soaked within minutes!
He is a chewer, not a sucker- Alice loved (more than life itself, I think) her dooters- Nathaniel shows no interest unless he can chew on it. Most teething toys are too big for his little mouth, so they just frustrate him. But these toys are certainly helping him with his hand coordination and grasping skills- he wants to chew on something every waking moment- so he has no choice to get good at grabbing things.
He is also a kicker- he loves to kick!
He kicks when he gets excited- Alice is his most favorite person (even more than Mommy, I think!)-
he’ll kick and laugh, smile and giggle for her- he watches her every move!
He also kicks lots when in the bonus room and we turn the celing fan on- the big mobile in the sky!
(He loves his mobile in his crib- lots of kicking for that always)
We not only don’t swaddle him anymore, but also can’t put him in footed sleepers, zippered or snaps- he will kick his way out of the snapped ones, and with the zippered ones, he ends up with his legs out of the leg holes.
He also can roll onto his side (usually when he’s mad), and can move around his crib or the floor through his kicking.
He still wakes 1-2 times/night for feedings and usually wakes for the day between 5:30am-6:30am.
Still his father’s son…

This means that Mommy and Daddy have 16 hour days- Alice’s schedule is off 2 hours- her day is usually 8am-8pm; Nathaniel is 6am-6pm.
We’re in bed an hour or so after Alice, so we don’t get much child-free time. Not that we mind, of course. But it will be nice once baby starts sleeping through the night!

I just got over a nasty cold that lasted 12 days, 2 days after which I got the flu. I was still quite sick last week cooking for my clients on Wednesday, and had a hors d’oeuvre party for 9 on Thursday, plus delivery for 3 clients’ meals that day…
Don caught my cold when I got the flu- it wasn’t fun.
Alice and Nathaniel both remained healthy.
Not that being sleep deprived would have anything to do with us getting so sick…

Although Nathaniel just got over a case of eczema on his head; it started out as dry skin, which he’s had on his scalp since he was born; the dry skin changed to almost craddle cap- which Alice had as an infant; so I brushed his little head to get it off (daddy hates when I pick; mommy’s always picking!) But the brushing wasn’t quite enough, so I’d brush then put oil on his head. And it would still get dry; the dryness changed to a raised red patch of skin on his forhead, which must have been incredibly itchy, and Nathaniel would scratch incesantly, leaving little scabs. Finally I called Dr.Pow and we got a RX for
some cream which cleared it up in 2 days. Good, because that patch on his forehead spread to other areas on his head and face…. so dry!
Now he’s all good. and mommy feels much better.

We have Post Natal Helpers come when I work now; I work Monday’s and Thursday’s and we have Megan or Sydney as our helpers, both whom we like very much.
It’s nice because they come when I need them, and when they get here I leave to do my thing, and I don’t worry! I love not having to put Nathaniel in a day home while he’s still so young, and I’m glad that we can keep Alice home as well. She’s still in preschool, and will continue through the summer and then in the fall- this is her only structured activity, aside from soccer.
(She started soccer 2 weeks ago, every Saturday morning).

Nathaniel at 8 weeks

For the last couple weeks, Nathaniel has been cooing up a storm!
He’s so cute, these little smiles and sounds. Makes child birth all worth it 🙂
You forget all this, these stages. They grow through them so fast, and get big so fast. It’s hard to remember Alice when she was a baby. I keep looking at her, thinking she’s huge! I ask her “Where did my baby Alice go? Where is my little girl?” And she replies “You can still call me your little girl mommy!”

Tonight was the first night he learned how to splash in the bath.
Time to move his baby tub out of the kitchen sink and into the bathtub!