There is No Spoon

2005-02-01 2-minute read

Alice has been eating rice cereal since about January 9th. We actually gave her pablum once a few weeks before that, but only once – at the time it made her really mad. But by the 9th, she was okay with the idea. It has been really hard to figure out this spoon business though. When you’ve spent your whole life drinking from a bottle, a spoon is a bizarre concept. For the first while, she tried to use the same technique – sucking. This was moderately successful and fabulously messy. We thought it was very cute, too. But we think everything she does is cute. We can hardly stand the cuteness. As she grew more accustomed to her pablum, she refined her approach. She kind of smacked her lips a little, and seemed to get more in her than on her. Now that she’s had a few weeks, and she’s discovered she really likes rice cereal, she’s figured how to open her mouth. This has been cheerfully welcomed by mom and dad. When Alice sees the spoon in front of her, she’ll open her mouth ever so slightly. It’s a small target, so there’s still quite a bit of mess. And lots of the cereal dribbles back out again. But she’s making real progress. Another development: today Alice grabbed my glasses for the first time. She managed to pull them off, too. Left a cute little hand print on the left lens.