Alice gives kisses

Over the weekend we taught Alice how to give kisses. It’s absolutely adorable! This evening when I was having a shower she tried giving me a kiss through the glass door- it melted my heart! This makes childbirth worth it!

Alice also had her first picnic this weekend. We met Auntie Chrissy and Uncle Norm at Stanley Park and roasted wieners on Norm’s little Hibachi. Before we knew it it was 5 o’clock! Alice was so well behaved and enjoyed it very much; we took lots of pictures and had a nice visit. I can’t wait to take Alice camping and roast marshmallows over a fire! (This isn’t daddy’s idea of camping but Alice and I don’t like bears, we prefer to be in a campground with lots of activity and people– poor introverted daddy…)

Safe Viewing Distance

As Alice becomes better and better at creeping around, Chase is becoming more and more concerned.

It was easy when Alice first came home — she didn’t move around very much. If Chase didn’t want to be too close to her, he had complete control. He could lay down closer to her or farther away, as his little feline heart desired.

But now Alice can go from one end of the room to the other all on her own.

This makes it much harder for Chase to find a good place to rest between naps. He doesn’t really mind Alice, he just likes his space sometimes. Poor Chase.

Alice’s first haircut

I cut Alice’s hair this morning — just a trim.

She had about 2 inches of hair over her right ear that was always bothering mommy, plus her bangs were getting long.

It was very quick and easy and Alice stayed still while mommy cut her hair. Probably because she’s so used to me picking at her (cleaning her ears, etc.) that she knows to stay still.

I have no delusions that this behavior will continue for long, but it’s sure cute!

Alice becomes more independant

Alice’s latest developments include getting into trouble- anything that’s not a toy is bound to be more facinating than silly toys though, right? This means she’s heard the word “no” a lot, and it’s really hard on mommy- I say “no” when she’s getting into something she’s not supposed to, and she turns around and smiles the cutest little smile- how can I not smile back? It’s the hardest thing to keep a straight face!

She’s also able to take her hat off — it’s more fun to chew on it. Oh, and her bibs too — she doesn’t need those since she’s not a messy eater…
She can also hold her bottle but looses interest after awhile so you have to hold it; she likes taking it out of her mouth and looking at it, playing with the nipple, then putting it back in; she usually does that when she’s getting full.

She likes finger foods but prefers to eat them by herself — if you try to put something in her mouth she’ll grab your hand to look at it first then she might let you feed her; or you can put it in her hand and she’ll do it. We’ve tried strawberries, chickpeas, beans, bread, tomato and yogurt this week. Oh yes, and Alice really likes mom’s smoothie too (blueberries, banana, oj, yogurt).

Alice babbles lots, like ba ba, da, ma, na, mmm.

She’s a wonderful girl!

Forward Motion!

It’s official: Alice has figured out how to crawl!

She’s been able to roll for weeks. If you turn your head, she’ll roll right out of the room. It’s a good thing I finally got the baby gate installed in the bonus room.

This crawling stuff — it’s hard work. She isn’t yet crawling on her hands and knees, so she can’t get very far. But this is the first time she’s been able to move forward.

Because Alice is working so hard these days, she needs three naps a day.

It’s been fascinating to watch her invent her own ways of moving around.

It’s All in the Wrist

Over the past week or two, Alice discovered that she could bend her wrist. She often picks up a toy, then stares at her hand as she bends her wrist back and forth. It’s adorable to watch.

What will she think when she discovers that her wrists:

  • bend back and forth;
  • bend side to side;
  • rotate around?

Oh the wonders of being a baby!

New Culinary Adventures for Alice!

Today was a first for many things- canned peaches, cheerios and carrot muffin.
Alice liked them all and insisted on feeding herself- she’d close her mouth if I tried feeding her.
And since it was the first time she fed herself anything besides her Baby MumMum crackers, lets just say that I had to undress her down to her diaper shirt before taking her out of the highchair!