Deeeee dooooo!

This means “thank you” in Alice’s language. She’s been saying this for many months now, and it’s adorable the changes it makes, depending on her mood. Sometimes, it comes out as a simple “da do”, for general things like, if mommy hands her the crayon she wanted. But when Alice is in a really good mood, and you’ve given her say, a whole bowl full of ice cream, you’re sure to get a “Deeeeeee doooooo!”. Wow, isn’t she appreciative and polite!

Alice’s other new words are “beak”, and we know that duck’s have beaks (we don’t want to complicate things by correcting her that it’s called a bill, not a beak). And we know that Chase is black (“back”), and we can correctly identify objects that are green (“geen”), yellow (“ya yo”), pink (“ink”) and purple(“pur pu”). We also have learned to color in circles, instead of straight scribbles. That’s my girl!

There’s also a lot of “No, mommy/daddy” lately, and pushing us away, and tantrums and such (ie/not wanting to leave the park, or get into the stroller, etc.) This usually follows with grabbing, and/or pinching mommy or daddy, sometimes a major melt down occurs. Mostly this happens when she’s really tired or hungry, but I sure miss those days when she wasn’t so independant. I know this will only get worse; I prepare myself for the day that Alice says, “I hate you!”. That will break my heart. I guess I now know what it’s like to be a parent…

Our girl is back!

Alice is back to her old self, full of personality and eating up a storm. She’s also learned some new words: now, park, walk, chocolate and bug. Alice is also saying more sentences, like when you ask her if she had a good sleep, she says “yeah I did Mommy”. It’s adorable. She speaks in sentences a lot now, though most is gibberish and not even intelligible to mommy or daddy…She likes doing things like taking a box of crackers from the pantry and sitting in front of the mirror in the living room, eating, laughing and being silly. She also likes following Chase around in the back yard, putting grass on him, or coloring him with her sidewalk chalk…poor Chase.

Family Flued (Alice gets the flu)

We went to Olds on Mother’s Day (Sunday), and Tuesday at 2:30am Alice woke up, coughing and was vomitting in her crib. She was getting sick every 10-15 min. and by 4:30am or so we called the health link. They advised we take Alice to the hospital as she was so ill; we went to the Children’s hospital (don’t ask how fast Dadddy drove!).  Alice got sick a few times in the car, poor girl. We got to emergency and Alice saw a doctor by 6am. He checked her out and said it was either a viral infection or a urinary tract infection (which starts out as vomitting). We stayed for a bit then decided to go home around 7am, to beat rush hour. Alice came home and slept for a few hours, so did mommy and daddy.

We called Auntie Chrissy, who said that cousins Jack, Connor, Ryan and Cassie were all sick as well. Later that day Chrissy and Cassie came for a sleep over, as we thought Cassie might be more comfortable in an air-conditioned house. Alice and Cassie were both still sick, though not vomitting anymore. On Wednesday, Auntie Chrissy got sick! She and Cassie went home, and Alice was still not doing so well — she would eat and drink a little, then go for hours without anything.

On Thursday, Alice woke at 9am, and seemed to be doing better — ate a good breakfast, and we gave her milk, which she had been asking for ever since she got sick. At noon, she didn’t want any lunch, and seemed to be going downhill. She wouldn’t nap, and was cranky and wanted to be held all the time. She finally napped at 5pm, woke an hour later, and still wouldn’t eat or drink anything.

She vomitted at 7:30pm — all over mommy and the living room carpet! She got sick again about 1/2 hr later but then settled and we just gave her water. She had a restless sleep last night, and mommy and daddy jumped at every peep, worried she’d get sick again. But today Alice is doing very well. Still not her usual self, but much better; eating and drinking water and juice, and in good spirits all day.

So hopefully the roller coaster is over, and mommy can stop cleaning and disinfecting everything! At least mommy and daddy didn’t get sick. Auntie Tammy and Uncle Steve did in addition to Auntie Chrissy (Cousin Kelly got sick too, which makes a total of 9 ill out of 15 present at Mother’s Day). All infected are still recovering; even Grandpa Chant, who had it a week and a half ago, still isn’t back to normal. We hope everyone gets well soon.

In more positive developments, Alice is learning more words — we can say apple, box, milk, cow, moon, meow, nana, papa, neat, bug, duck, neck and we know some colors — yellow, green, blue and purple (we can say all these words too). Oh and the word yes has turned into “yup”, it’s cute.

We like to read our favorite book, Wheels on the Bus, by ourselves. We turn the pages and say “up, down”, waving our arms up and down, “beep, beep” and imitating beeping a horn, and “shh shh”, with our finger in front of our mouth. It’s adorable to watch! And we are fascinated by bugs, mostly ants and things that crawl on the ground outside; we crouch down and point at them, saying “neat”, “bug”.

The cutest thing is that Alice knows all her body parts, but still confuses her wrist with her elbow. She points to her wrist, saying “elbow”; we always correct her, but she still says the wrong thing!

More about Alice

So Alice is almost 20 months, wow.

Daddy taught Alice how to scootch on her bum down the stairs, which is adorable. She’s very good at it, and prefers it to being carried (more of that independant thing). We were at the zoo yesterday, only for a little while as we had to come home so we could babysit Cassie. We saw the hippos, lions and the monkies. We wanted to feed the monkies our cheerios, and a leemer our sippy cup. What a nice girl for sharing! We also saw a peacock show off his feathers and the flamingos, standing on one leg and sleeping. We thought that was pretty neat. Oh, that’s another new word we’ve learned, “neat”. We can also say “auntie”, “nana”, “papa”, “bubble”, “ball”, and movie is “me”. There may be other words she can say that we haven’t mentioned previously, but it’s hard to keep track.

Alice got a new bike from Uncle Norm. It’s sure nice, it’s a princess bike, and even has a canopy! We strap Alice in and walk up and down the sidewalk. It’s precious!

One thing Alice is getting bad at is sitting in the “W” position with her legs. At her 12 month visit, Dr.Pow saw her sitting like that and advised us to make sure she dosen’t do that, as it is bad for her knees and hips. So we correct her all the time, telling her to sit with her legs straight; she will promptly straighten them, but then revert back. Oh, Alice!

We’ve been seeing a lot of our cousin Cassie lately, which is very nice. Alice is still learning how to play nice; she too often plays too rough with baby and will grab baby’s face and make her cry, poor Cassie!

We have some new books too, one we really like is a very simple book about a baby, David. One page shows the baby sitting with an obviously full diaper, and it says : “P.U.!”. Alice thinks this is Hilarious!

Latest Alice update

Alice is changing as she gets older — particularly more independant. At bed time she used to sit in Mommy or Daddy’s lap and we’d read her a few books — not anymore. She sits away from us, reading her own stories, it’s adorable to watch. Her language development is progressing as well — she’s using a lot of 2 word sentances now, like ” Hi/ Bye bye mommy/daddy/chase/auntie/baby”, “Down Chase”, and words like please, which used to sound like ” pa pa”, is now “pea”. She can also say more “mo”; knee and elbow sound exactly as they are. Thank you is still “da do” (precious!).

For activities, we still like watching Blue’s Clues, Frosty and our Baby Einstein movies. Mostly though we love to be outside, doing just about anything. We go to the park most every day, sometimes more than once. We play in the back yard, and on the weekend we bought some sidewalk chalk and we love to do that too!

Alice is still a good eater, though she does have her moments of selectiveness. When she’s really hungry, she can eat more than mommy!

We sure love our girl!