There is No Spoon

Alice has been eating rice cereal since about January 9th. We actually gave her pablum once a few weeks before that, but only once — at the time it made her really mad. But by the 9th, she was okay with the idea.

It has been really hard to figure out this spoon business though. When you’ve spent your whole life drinking from a bottle, a spoon is a bizarre concept. For the first while, she tried to use the same technique — sucking.

This was moderately successful and fabulously messy. We thought it was very cute, too. But we think everything she does is cute. We can hardly stand the cuteness.

As she grew more accustomed to her pablum, she refined her approach. She kind of smacked her lips a little, and seemed to get more in her than on her.

Now that she’s had a few weeks, and she’s discovered she really likes rice cereal, she’s figured how to open her mouth. This has been cheerfully welcomed by mom and dad. When Alice sees the spoon in front of her, she’ll open her mouth ever so slightly. It’s a small target, so there’s still quite a bit of mess. And lots of the cereal dribbles back out again. But she’s making real progress.

Another development: today Alice grabbed my glasses for the first time. She managed to pull them off, too. Left a cute little hand print on the left lens.

Enabled Permalinks

Thought it would be cool to enable permalinks in WordPress. It was pretty easy to do: I enabled the option from the admin page, then created the .htaccess file as recommended.

This didn’t do anything until I also enabled .htaccess files in Apache for the wordpress directory:

AllowOverride All

The only downside so far? This seems to break the login link. There doesn’t appear to be a problem viewing entries, so I’ll leave this enabled and see if I can fix the problem.

75th Percentile — Just Like Her Daddy

Alice had her 4-month vacinations this afternoon. She now weighs 14lbs 15ozs and is 25 inches tall. This puts her at the 75th percentile for weight and height.

See what we mean about her being the big Murray?

The needles went better than expected. She received two in the right thigh and then one in the left. She didn’t even react to the first needle, but she sure did to the second one. The nurse gave us a minute to comfort Alice before the third needle. It probably didn’t really help Alice, but it did help her parents.

It’s so hard to see her upset like that. Heartbreaking, those little cries.

Luckily, Alice settled back down again within a minute or two. Once we went out into the hallway, she seemed to be herself again. You have to wait at least 15 minutes before you leave, in case there is an allergic reaction. By the time we left, Alice was smiling at everyone and laughing.

So far, she’s had a pretty good evening. She’s had much worse days, even without needles. We’ll have to wait and see how she sleeps tonight.

Alice Rolled onto her tummy and now stands on her legs!

Yesterday Alice rolled all the way over onto her tummy and was trying to push herself up. Before this she would only roll over onto her arm and was stuck there.

She also today stood up using her legs- before she would just let you support her and let herself be floppy. Now she enjoys pushing against you with her legs, and she pushes so hard!

That’s my girl!

This is probably due to her use of the exersaucer, which she started using this week.

This is progress!

We have started the “Baby and You” class with the Calgary Health Region. There are 12 other mothers and babies, and Alice loves it all! She really likes to look at the other babies, especially the ones sitting on either side of her. She tries to interact with them, smiling and cooing. Usually the other babies just stare at or around her, not paying any attention. Alice is a little social butterfly! She is better behaved most of the time than all the other babies, probably because she is so interested in trying to be everyone’s friend!

Laughing with Daddy

For the past few days, Alice has started to really laugh. It’s loads of fun for us because she’s becoming so much more interactive.

Right now she’s sitting in her little bouncing chair. Each time she looks at me, I smile and then start to laugh. She thinks I’m hilarious, and laughs and giggles merrily away.

Alice’s gums weren’t bothering her as much today, so Corinna had a much easier day.

Alice Rolled Over

While I was at work today, Alice rolled over on her own!

Corinna put Alice down on her back on the floor in the bonus room. The next thing she knew, our daughter was on her tummy. Apparently Alice was trying to reach her rattle, lying next to her on the floor.

Once she was on her tummy, she didn’t really know what to do. She was lying on her arm, looking at the rattle, trying to figure out what to do next. She wasn’t upset or anything.

Corinna immediately called me at work to give me the news. Corinna rolled Alice over again, since her little arm was turning purple.

Since I’ve come home, Alice hasn’t shown me her latest trick. I’m sure I’ll see this soon enough.

In other developments, Alice has started teething. Good times! Her cheeks are red, she’s salivating lots, and she’s often inconsolable. We’ve given her Tempra and Anbesol, which seems to be helping. But every afternoon, around 4PM, she gets pretty miserable. Poor little girl — she doesn’t know why her mouth hurts. It’s hard on Corinna since I’m still at work then.

Alice Sleeps Through the Night!

People have told us that babies often start sleeping through the night when they are three months old.

Alice waited until she was about 15 weeks, which is in keeping with her father’s poor record on punctuality.

On December 30th Alice went to sleep around 11:30PM. Much to our surprise, she didn’t wake up until just after 6AM. I got up, put her soother back in, then went to get her bottle heated. As I waited for the microwave (40 seconds is an eternity) I heard Alice start to scream. I guess she was really hungry after sleeping for 6.5 hours.

Last night (New Year’s Eve) she slept from 9:30PM to 4AM. There wasn’t any screaming after she woke up — this time Corinna held Alice and comforted her while I got the bottle. This kept our little darling happy enough that she could wait a minute for formula.

She’s had good nights in the past, but then she’ll revert to her usual 3-4 hour feeding cycle. We’ll see whether she continues to have a long sleep each night.

I should probably mention that we went to bed long before midnight. As new parents, we decided to ring in the New Year by sleeping.