Trick or Treat

Alice went out trick-or-treating for the first time today. She enjoyed it very much.

Alice was dressed up as a pumpkin; this was her very first halloween costume.

Mommy took Alice to Jack and Connor’s house, and they stayed there for a little while. It was very exciting because kids were coming to the door and getting candy and stuff. Alice liked that a lot.

When Mommy and Alice came home, they went to the neighbours on either side of our house. That was also very exciting.

Alice can’t wait until next year, when she’ll be two years old and can go to more than three houses. That will be lots of fun!

Alice’s 400th Day

8:00 Alice is awake, talking to her soothers, rolling around in her crib, playing with Ocean Wonders (twinkle, twinkle little star…).

8:30 Daddy comes into her bedroom, Alice points to the spare soothers on her dresser. Four is not enough. Lots more rolling around in her crib, laughing and giggling. Daddy changes her into her daytime clothes. When Alice is told to put away her soother, she puts it in her crib, then waves goodbye to it.

8:45 Breakfast. Alice puts on her bib by herself, but Daddy does the snap behind her neck.

Breakfast this morning is:

  • Mixed cereal 4tbsp, served with
  • apple sauce;
  • milk;
  • a dozen cheerios;
  • one cooked egg;
  • 1/4 pear.

9:15 Alice takes off her own socks, tries to put them back on again. Help Mommy pack up her gear for another Personal Thyme dinner party. Followed by playing, walking with Daddy.

9:45 Mommy leaves for work.

10:00 Daddy puts on some Mozart (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Symphony no. 40), we dance to that while we play with our Little People house.

Read stories, try on Daddy’s ‘Got Root?’ hat.

11:00 After much yawning, have a nap.

12:00 Wake up, have lunch:

  • 3/4 jar baby food – about 100 ml – carrots;
  • some of the leftover casserole Daddy was having;
  • cheddar cheese;
  • milk;
  • pumpkin bran muffin;
  • 1/4 pear.

Practise squinting at daddy throughout lunch.

12:45 Alice brushes her teeth, then we go for walk to McKenzie Towne.

Daddy decides to walk around the man-made pond. Turns out the path follows the fiord-like bank, making it much longer than it first appeared. This is more like a small lake than a pond. Alice is cheerful and chatty throughout, smiling at anyone else we met. Daddy walks very quickly so we can get home before dark.

2:30 Finally return home. Alice is very tired, and almost asleep in her stroller. Go for a nap.

2:45 Fully restored by her 15 minutes of quiet time in her crib with her soothers, Alice begins to play with her blanket, her Ocean Wonders, and jabber away to herself. Daddy admits the nap is not going to happen right now.

3:00 Snack time:

  • 3 tbsp plain Balkan style yogurt, served with
  • pureed blueberries;
  • milk;
  • cheerios, as always.

3:15 Play. Pet chase (and very nicely, I must add), play with toys, look at photo albums. Listen to Mozart (symphony no 41). Pull pillow onto floor, lay on top of it. Look at her books.

4:20 Alice is now tired and rubbing her eyes. Time for a nap.

4:40 Alice wakes up, plays Ocean Wonders. Just in time for Mommy to come home from work. Roll around on Mommy and Daddy’s bed, trying to stay away from the tickle monster — lots of giggling.

Practice walking, watch a few minutes of a cartoon.

5:30 Supper time:

  • barley soup, served with
  • 3 crackers;
  • milk;
  • mandarin orange;
  • 1/4 of a pear;
  • more of the pumpkin bran muffin;
  • an arrowroot cookie.

6:15 Bath. Mommy’s turn to give Alice her bath, though Daddy helped by blowing bubbles. Alice was very good for her shampoo and rinse — she doesn’t like getting water in her eyes.

6:45 Crying, rubbing her eyes. Bedtime.

As always, Daddy gave Alice her bedtime bottle. Tonight it was 200ml of 3.25% milk. With 50ml to go, Alice was almost completely out — her eyes were just little slits. At the end she closed her eyes, burped, and rubbed one eye with her little fist. While Daddy burped her and walked to the crib, Alice’s head was resting on his shoulder — too heavy to hold it up any longer.

7:00 Alice asleep, the end of her 400th day.

First Tentative Steps

On Thursday Alice took her first little steps on her own. They were baby steps — what else would we expect from a little girl? She didn’t go very far. But she did it without our help.

Her confidence is growing, and she seems to have better balance. She walks faster with us than she did even a week ago.

Other things Alice can do at 13 months:

  • brush her teeth (okay, brush her gums)
  • when we ask her to put away her soothers, she places them inside her crib
  • pet our cat Chase — she used to just grab fur and pull

Learning to Walk, With Help

Alice is getting closer to walking on her own. She really enjoys practising with Corinna and I. We have to hold both of her hands though — she’s not comfortable holding only one hand.

Whenever Alice comes over and holds our hands, we know she wants to practise. It’s kind of difficult, since she holds her hands about 30″ off the floor — we’re kind of bent over, and have to watch out for her little feet. Cor and I take turns; we can only keep up to her for so long before we need to stand up straight again. Alice is making us feel pretty old.

Alice is not too steady on her feet yet, but she’s been practising really hard. What she really enjoys is walking around the coffee table chasing one of us. That’s hilarious, and leads to all sorts of giggling.

Alice also has a practice walker, sort of like a tricycle you can walk behind. She practices with that too, and she can even turn it so she can navigate around the room. It has all sorts of buttons and a steering wheel, and makes sounds and music. She loves playing with that.

In other developments, Alice now helps put on her socks, and can take off her shirt. She only does that when we’re changing her outfits. We’re starting to wean her off of baby food; she’s eating more and more of our meals.

P.S. Alice is in bed right now, and I can hear her on the monitor. She’s been playing with her Ocean Wonders crib toy. When she presses the big button on the front, it plays “Twinkle, Twinkle.” The music continues for a minute or so, then it stops. There’s a brief silence, then I can hear her reaching up to press the button again. This has been going on the whole time I’ve been writing this. How cute can you get, Alice?

Facing Forward and Thanksgiving

Since Alice is over 22 pounds and taller than 29 inches it is safe for her to ride in a forward-facing car seat. We made the change last weekend.

Alice had always been pretty good in the car, even though she couldn’t see us and couldn’t see where we were going. Now that she’s facing forward she has a better view of her destination.

Yesterday we were in Olds celebrating Thanksgiving. There were lots of other children to play with: Charlie, Jack, Connor, Sean and Sarah. They range in age from 7 months to 2 years. Alice had lots of fun, especially with Charlie. They got along great and Charlie was really good with her. He’s a pretty impressive little boy, and he’s only 22 months old!

Alice had a great day. She had a good long nap (about 2 hours) in the playpen upstairs. She ate some ham, turkey, potatoes, carrots and sweet potato. She also had lots of Corinna’s pumpkin pie.

The ride home was pretty good. Corinna and Alice had a giggling session that lasted for about 45 minutes. This would not have happened if her car seat hadn’t been facing forward. Alice was laughing so hard she was turning red. It was pretty adorable.

Alice is amazing!

Yesterday Alice learned 2 new things: how to dance, and how to feed herself!

She was playing with Daddy and her walking toy, and started dancing to the music.

Later we went for supper to Broken Plate, and Alice ate what we ate as usual — we had calamari for an appetizer and she even ate that! Now what one year old eats squid? She also enjoyed the steamed broccoli.

After she was finished her baby food, I let Alice keep the spoon, as I have been doing for a couple weeks now. She didn’t just play with it though, she put food on it and then ate it! Sometimes it falls off though, cuz we hold the spoon sideways…

She’s doing more standing by herself now too, but still hasn’t taken her first step.

We’ve also started brushing our teeth (well, gums). Whenever Mommy goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth, Alice gets her toothbrush and brushes with Mommy. Such a good girl! Always wanting to do whatever Mommy is doing!