Peter Schilling- Major Tom

Yesterday Nathaniel and I watched the “coming home” video on You Tube. I thought he’d like it since it has rockets in it, and of course he did. I had to sing it to him last night before he’d go to sleep. How cute is that. (no, I’m not pushing the 80’s on my kids, well, at least not any more than my mother made us kids listen to ABBA!)

Potty Training

Nathaniel started using a potty 2 weeks ago; for 2 days I sat with him almost constantly, while he learned how to use his new potty. He had  a couple of accidents, but that’s all it took for him to realize he didn’t like pee running down his leg! He’s still having trouble with poo; he’s not quite making it in time. We’re very proud of our little guy for learning so fast, he’s not even using pull-ups. He insists on wearing gonchies even for his naps, though does wear a diaper still at night. 9/10 times he doesn’t have any accidents.

anyways, sometimes

These are words Nathaniel is practising right now, using them in various sentences ie/I just don’t like that anyways….- complete with shoulder shrug and voice intonation.

Just now, he said: “I want my car coloring book.” And I said, “I think it’s in the car.” Nathaniel said “no, it’s not it must be hiding somewhere.”

He also is starting to say things like “I don’t want yogurt, I hate it”. I’m not so fired up about the “hate” things, hoping it’s just a phase. He’s also big into throwing toys and things, and hitting. Yikes. Easter morning he threw an egg at me and hit me right in the shoulder, while I was recording the easter egg hunt on the camcorder- the tape got turned off at that point, needless to say.

He’s learning his colors quickly, from watching TMBG (they might be giants) videos- a band geared towards teaching kids about stuff like planets, colors, the alphabet, etc. Don and I think they’re cool. E eats everything and ROY G BIV are some favorites. N’s favorite color is orange. N’s favorite music video right now has changed from “Day by day” to “Land down under”- so the reprive is nice, however, now there’s a new song we must listen to over and over and over and over….


tonight, Alice brought Nathaniel up a yogurt tube for bedtime snack. He replied “oh, how nice of her!” followed by, “thank you Alice!”.

N at 2

Nathaniel had is 2 year check up with Dr. Pow on March 15th.

He was 29 lbs and 37 inches tall.

He is a typical 2 year old boy– always getting into things, bugging his big sister, and not listening to Mommy… well, he is good though. He sure loves his mama! We’ve hired a new nanny service, nannies on call. There was an “incident” a few weeks ago which lead us to fire Post Natal Helpers. Shelley, who was working this particular day, had neglected to be aware of the fact that Nathaniel had put his boots on and left the house through the garage, while I was packing my car up for deliveries. A stranger found him in the back alley and returned him home, safe and sound. How horrifying it was…

The new nanny service seems good, one nanny we’ve actually had before, Debbie. We hired her to baby sit Alice once when she was a baby. Anyway, so far so good. Nathaniel is quite attached to mommy, of course.  I’m hardly ever away from him, not that I mind him being a mama’s boy. It is hard to give attention to Alice and N at the same time, that’s the biggest challenge every day for sure.

Nathaniel turns 2!

Today was Nate’s second bday- a happy day though he was sick. Don took him to the urgent care centre last night after supper– at 5pm Nathaniel presented with a sudden fever, I called mom and she told me we should take him in ASAP. The dr. there told Don that N didn’t have an ear infection, and that he just has a bad cold…not much help.

N’s had a cold for almost 2 weeks now, and on Sunday when we were on our way to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday party, he was crying and fussing, saying his ear hurt. So we assumed he had an ear infection and bought some polysporin drops for his ear. He perked up once we were at Chuck E Cheese, which was good so he could enjoy his party! But the rest of the day he was miserable. Anyway, today he still had a fever, though he was happy enough. He enjoyed the carrots at supper, and blowing out his birthday candle on his cupcake, and the chocolate ice cream…. and opening his presents. His fever broke tonight as well, so that’s good.

Nathaniel is so funny. and smart. and cute! I love my little boy. His cutest new saying is, “my b is amazing, it’s yellow, it’s soft.” He loves his b! And he loves his mo mo’s especially the ones nana Barb put on his bday cake– they go with him wherever he goes, even the tub! He’s a good boy, too. When I ask him to do something, he says, “.. ohhkaayyy.” Except when he wants to stall– when asked to do something, ie/ get into the tub, he sometimes says “I just play cars one minute, k mom?” or something like that.

And at bedtime, we have a new routine, where I have to sing to him. But I don’t sing unless he’s laying down (my attempt to settle him so he’ll actually go to sleep). I have to sing “day ba day ba”- which is the Doug and the Slugs song, “Day by Day”– we listen to this song every single time we’re in the car, over and over and over…- he asks for it “again” before the song is even over! and then he says “turn it up, mom” and I always say “it’s up enough”. So after I sing this song, he says “sing twinkle star, mom” and I sing “twinkle twinkle”. Then he usually asks for another song, but I tell him good night and I leave the room. He’s so cute. Did I mention that already??

Christmas Eve

We had a skating party tonight- I bought Alice some Tinker Bell skates, and she went skating for the first time (well, we went 2 years ago xmas eve with Uncle Norm, Cassie and Chrissy, Steve, Wendy and Megan) but then Alice just used the strap on boot skates, and Uncle Norm and Steve carried the girls around on the ice, and they thought it was great!)

Anyway, at first Alice was hesitant, but quickly got used to the idea of skating. She used the skating bar thing ( not sure what to call it) it’s kind of like skating with a stacking stool, like we did when we were kids. She did quite well, and enjoyed it. We were the only ones there, so it was nice. It was the ice just over in Mckenzie Towne which is a basket ball/skate boarding rink in the summer. After skating we came home and had a pizza party and listened to Christmas music and opened our xmas eve presents from Nana (jammies). Off to bed quickly to get ready for Santa…. Alice is pretty excited, Nathaniel is too; when you ask him who’s coming, he says “I dunno!” (as is often his response when asked a question these days- mostly his way of offering a cheeky response to your question) then he promptly replies “santa claus!”. Looking forward to Christmas day!!

Nathaniel at 18 months

N keeps surprising us every day in his development, he can now say 4 word sentences as of today- ” I he a mo-mo”, while he puts his hand up to his ear as if listening for one… ( a motorcycle) How adorable! He also refers to these as “motor ceecles”. He’s been saying 2 and 3 word sentences for awhile ie/ Alice sleep, Daddy home, quiet Alice sleeping, mo mo down there, etc. He can also climb onto the kitchen table- he first learned how to get up into his highchair himself, but quickly learned how to keep going…why stop at the chair, go all the way man! He likes to play with the chandelier…I guess this is what boys do; Alice never attempted this. He also can count to 4, knows A B C D and is learning his colors. His favorite colors seem to be orange or yellow, but perhaps he just likes saying the words (or maybe Auntie Chrissy is brainwashing with her yellow!)

In the mornings when N wakes up (we often now abbreviate names to “A” or “N”, since Don and I both have blackberries, we text a lot), he says things like” Mommy come! Mo mo’s down there” and makes sounds like “bruummm, bruummm, while playing. And when I come in to get him, sure enough his mo mos are usually on the floor out of reach. He doesn’t say, good morning Mommy, or anything like that, it’s “mo mo down there!” and he wants me to get his mo mo’s for him, so of course I do. And then he talks about his “b”, and so on. And when we come out of his room, he says, “ssss, Alice sleep”, but yet 2 seconds later he’s talking loudly as he passes her room. He likes to cuddle in the morning, sitting on my lap eating his breakfast, the only one on one time we get all day. I eat this up! Plus it’s the only time all day that he sits still! The rest of the day he doesn’t stop moving, except when he has his nap. Lately when he’s ready for his nap, he will tell us by saying ” I tired” and rub his eyes. How cute. And when I put him down for his nap, he says” funny”, or “silly”. Perhaps  he’s wanting confirmation that he is in fact funny, well, because he is. One of the cutest things he says is ” Oh goodness”. The way he says it is adorable!