Nathaniel turns 1!

Nathaniel is 1 year old today, not a “baby” anymore. Well, a big baby, I guess. Chasing after his big sister, he’ll be a big boy in no time though.

Today, Alice has the flu; she’s been sick since 2am, vomiting every 1/2 hour or so until about 4pm. Poor girl… we’re glad though that Nathaniel isn’t sick on his birthday!

Nathaniel has changed lots since our last blog; he can easily walk 3-4 steps without falling on his bum, but can go 9 or so if he really tries. He talks up a jabbery storm, telling all sorts of stories, and is a funny boy! He loves to play games- peekaboo, hide and seek and tug a war with his yellow b (his most favorite blanket that must be with him at all times, received at birth from Auntie Wanda- gee, thanks auntie!) We’re lucky if we can get it away from him long enough to wash it… yes, it serves as comfort, as well as having other functions such as a napkin!

He can say “nana”, “dada” and mum mum mum; Alice is pronounced “AAAA!”, he can say “up”. He claps his hands when you tell him to clap, and waves as well.

He loves when you tickle him, and giggles up a storm!

He’s been sleeping through the night since about 10 1/2 months. His naps the last week have been off kilter, I think he’s transitioning to only 1 nap/day (sleep is for babies!). Most days now he does only have 1/day, depending on when he wakes up.

Nathaniel’s First Teeth, First Christmas

On Christmas Eve (Dec 24, 2008) we noticed that Nathaniel finally had a tooth break through his gums. It was one of his bottom incisors. Kind of funny that Alice got her first tooth at Christmas too.

Nathaniel seemed to like Christmas. He didn’t try to unwrap anything early, nor did he bother the tree at all. Not what we expected. But on Christmas day, he did kind of figure out how to unwrap presents.

Alice enjoyed her Christmas too. She wrote Santa a letter (with Mommy’s help), asking him for Baby Belle, Baby Belle Bathtub, and the Sleeping Beauty movie. Because she’d been so good all year, she got all three of her wishes! Nathaniel asked for more things for the Thomas the Tank Engine train set, and he got that too.

Alice took her time opening presents. We let her go at her own pace, and she seemed to enjoy that more. As she opened a new toy, she could take a little time to play with it right away. This was better than what sometimes happens: a furious and un-enjoyable rush to open everything as quickly as possible.

Nathaniel is getting really good at standing on his own. He can take a step too, but mostly sticks to the perimeters where he has some extra support. He still adores Alice, and is a generally happy little boy.

We’re also starting to see clear communication from him. He can shake his head for “no” and “yes” — mostly he says “no.” He tries to say:

  • Alice (Ahh)
  • Nana (nah nah)
  • cat (tack)
  • up (upf)

He also loves to clap his hands, wave at people, and point at everything. He doesn’t make strange, but seems to love being around people. Whenever we go out, Nathaniel befriends anyone who looks at him.

Nathaniel sleeps through the night

Well, it only took 10 months, but Nathaniel slept through the night last night, 11 hours.

Of course Don and I didn’t sleep that much- I woke up around 5am, couldn’t go back to sleep. I got around 7hours straight- an unknown phenomenon to my body this year, it thought it had enough I guess.

I know now why my parents have gray hair. It’s not because Chrissy and I were terrible teenagers, it’s simply because they had children!!!! It ages you like nothing else can…

Currently Nathaniel is into everything, He can climb onto stools, turn the taps on for the bathtub, gets into any cupboard or drawer. And for whatever reason, when he hears or sees a gate open, he makes a b-line for it. A few weeks ago he took a tumble down the stairs- all 12. He was okay, but don’t you think he’d remember that it maybe wasn’t such a good time? He’s still too young to process reason, I guess.

He points at everything, and says “up”. He loves lights, and the celing fan. He knows that if you turn the switch, the fan will come on- as soon as you turn it, he looks up and points.

Sandbags, shoes & sleep

Nathaniel is so strong and active, we have to weigh his high chair and jolly jumper down with sandbags. And, the 10lb ones we’re using don’t appear to be heavy enough… yikes, I know!

As for shoes, he’s in a size 5. Yes, size 5.

Sleep? We don’t get much. This whole year has been pretty consistently low in that cagegory. Nathaniel is 9 months old, and still wakes at least once to eat. He eats full bottles when he does eat in the night, so it’s not like he’s waking just for the fun of it (though, sometimes that is the case). Sometimes he’s up every 3-4 hours, and sometimes (if we’re lucky) he’ll go longer. ie/ bed at 7:30pm, up at 11:30 to eat, then right back to sleep, and then not wake again until he’s up for the day (anywhere from 5-6:30am- still night time in Mommy’s book). A few weeks ago we started limiting his naps to only a max. of 45min. in the am and pm.

So 1 1/2 hrs. total for naps, half what he used to nap. For the most part, this has been effective at ensuring he dosen’t wake up in the middle of the night to “play”. Who wakes up at 2 or 3 am to play?


Potty Training

Well, the saga continues… We’ve had Alice out of pull ups for a few weeks now, but 75% of the time she wets the bed, so on Monday we put her back in pull ups for the night. I would wake her up to pee before I went to bed, and then again in the night when Nathaniel woke up, but this didn’t guarantee a dry night. On the up side, she would wake up when she peed, but just couldn’t seem to wake up before she had to go. So we’ll save a few loads of laundry for awhile, and try again at some point (not soon!). She seems happier, because she’s not waking up at night!

Nathaniel at 8 months

Well, our little guy is full on crawling now, moving from room to room exploring his world. Don had to put the gate back up in the kitchen, and we have to try to remember to close them when Nathaniel is in the room!

Of course, he’s still not sleeping through the night…he never has been a big sleeper. He wakes usually 2 times/night, and is up for the day between 5-6am. Dr. Pow said he’d likely start sleeping through the night once he started solids- that was 2 months ago, and nothing has changed! We’re fearing this is his way, but of course won’t be on bottles forever, and I think in 4 months this night time feeding business will be over…

Nathaniel can also bring himself up to a kneeling position; last night we found him holding on to the bar of the island stool, kneeling and then brought himself to a standing position! Don moved his crib down to the low setting yesterday, as Nathaniel loves to hold his crib rail while kneeling…we don’t want topple over baby!

Chase is indeed quite concerned about Nathaniel being mobile- anywhere Chase goes Nathaniel is sure to follow! Poor Chase…

Crawling to Sitting and Back Again

This morning Nathaniel was crawling around on the doffice floor, while Alice watched one of the new movies she got for her fourth birthday. I turned my head, and then Nathaniel was sitting on his bum

I’ve never seen him do this before. Technically, I still haven’t seen him do this, only the final result. I’m not really sure how he manages to get from tummy/hands/knees to his bum.

By the way, Chase is not very impressed with all this crawling business. He liked Nathaniel a lot more when he stayed in one place. The first time I saw Nathaniel crawl, it was to try to get to Chase. As you can imagine, babies think you should always grab fur, paws, tails, whenever you get close enough to your cat. As with Alice, Chase is pretty understanding about this abuse — he usually just runs away.

Alice updates

Well, it doesn’t seem fair that we don’t blog much about Alice these days– she’s passed through all of the developmental stages of early childhood, and is now a big girl. There are noteworthy events as of late, however.

September 3rd: Alice begins her second year of pre-school, going M/W/F from 1:30pm- 3:45pm. She is now in the same class as Bethany, a friend who lives right across from the purple park.

September 4th: Alice and I go to Corteo, a Cirque Du Soleil production. Don and I saw it the week before (on a date!!), and through the whole thing I kept thinking how much Alice would love it! So Alice and I went while Meghan looked after ‘taniels, a 4pm show. We had front row seats (only the best for my girl!). At first she thought it was too loud, and kept covering her ears. Then she was okay cuddling with me during the loud parts. I’d offer M&M’s and popcorn for distraction, which helped (What 3 year old doesn’t want treats for supper???!!). For the second half of the show, she was so into it that she forgot to cover her ears. It was so cute, I wish I had the camcorder just to record her! Every time there was a character or scene she liked, she’d start clapping, even if no one else was, and smile and laugh… it was wonderful. Whenever there was a character that came to our part of the stage, they would look at Alice, smile and do a little wave, and Alice would wave back. How cute is that?

Nathaniel starts crawling

Our little guy has been moving about the last week or so; at first, just rocking back and forth on his hands and knees, which progressed to a bum hop (how cute is that!) and now he can crawl, moving his arms and legs.

Upgrading OpenSolaris 2008.05 Build 86 to Build 95

I’ve just managed to upgrade my OpenSolaris 2008.05 machine from build 86 to build 95. The instructions were inspired by Updating Your System to OpenSolaris Development Builds. The process was a little finicky, so here’s the script I used:


set -e

if [ -z $1 ]; then
  echo "ERROR: You didn't specify the name of the be you'd like to create!"
  exit 1


BUILD=$( uname -v | sed s/snv_// )

if [ '86' != ${BUILD} ]; then
  echo "ERROR: This is only for build 86!"
  exit 2

beadm create ${newbe}
mkdir ${mntpt}
beadm mount ${newbe} ${mntpt}
pkg -R ${mntpt} rebuild-index # This step was missing from the original instructions.
pkg -R ${mntpt} image-update
${mntpt}/boot/solaris/bin/update_grub -R ${mntpt}
beadm unmount ${newbe}
beadm activate ${newbe}

Once I ran this script I rebooted (init 6) and the upgrade took effect.